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August 17, 2005

Bicycle Commuting Now: The Magazine

I recently got my grubby little fingers on the 2nd issue of the little B/W Quarterly magazine published by Frank Cetera, of Bicycle Commuting Now in Harrisburg, PA.

As he writes in a nice introduction:

Bicycle commuting is fun, what other reasons need there be?

Bicycle Commuting is about sustainable society in a nutshell. it is about your future, and your children's future, and the future of your whole community, and the opportunity you have to help build that society; One that's safe, enjoyable, peaceful, and viable for local economy and cooperation. it is taking advantage of a lawful, and underutilized aspect of our current society, and creating change from within the system.

His magazine is a combination of original writing, and artwork, alongside print versions of posts from his blog ( 2 1/2 pages out of the 24 ).

There is a set of drawings that show you the inner workings of your index shifter.

There are an interesting letter that he wrote to a local magazine in which he takes the publications Bicycle Safety Column to task for what he considered misleading information.

It seems the publication was innacurate in its discussion of safe, and effective, cycling techniques, by encouraging the following:

1. Keep to the right.

2. Always let cars and people go 1st.

3. Don't ride at night.

4. Never go between 2 cars.

After taking effective issue with each of these he ends by offering to provide info the magazine may be unaware of, and writing:

We struggle daily with educating car drivers as to our rights and their responsibilities on the road when interacting with bicyclists. In the future, I would ask that you do a little more research when presenting information on any topic that effects the behavior and perception of any particular group towards a specific activity such as bicycle riding.

The editor replied with a thank you, and a comment that he would "try to use it  in an upcoming issue".

I wonder if he did? :-D

There are wonderful excerpts on cycling by Kerouac, and Thoreau to stimulate the brain cells.

There's even 4 drawings for kids, or the kid in you, to color with crayons!

A no more unusually looking selection of animals on wheels you will be likely to come across. ;-D

Thre are recipes!

Country Tofu Pot Pie!

Curried Sweet Potato!

There is an amusing essay on where to work on your bike.

There is an interesting essay about a group of people who find lost bikes in landfills, salvage them for parts, or fix them up, and release them back on the street to be found.

Did the owners just decide to not let them take up space in their garages for another decade, deciding to trade space in a landfill for their own piece of backyard junkroom? Were they just replacing these sturdy and sometimes steel frames with cheaper, shinier models full of empty promise?

There was more to this very cool enterprise that seems quite popular in the community.

This was a fun little homemade magazine to read. :-D

Frank says he still has some copies of this issue left, as of a couple of weeks ago anyway:

I would be interested in receiving any zines people may have published, in trade, if they want a copy of BCN 2, but it's not necessary for them to do so of course.

Frank Raymond Cetera


Contact him if you are interested.

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