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October 05, 2005

Blogosphere covers Bicycling 3

This series is dedicated to a singular quest:

How many bloggers in the Blogrolls of my OTHER blog, Sneakeasy's Joint, and the non-cycling Blog Bloggerverse in general, have written about the Bike, bicycle, bicycles, bicycling, bicyclists, Bikes, cycling, and/or cyclists on their sites, and in what context?

Why not report on any stories I find?

So let's start Pedaling!

This edition we shall ride on over to visit Michele, of A Small Victory.

1. And how better to start than with a good old fashioned stem-winder of a rant?

Y'all know what I think about protestors on Bikes, and my concerns about Critical Mass. Well, a year after Sept. 11, Michelle let loose with a vengeance on Anti-War protestors on Bikes in San Francisco, and it was Glorious!

Ok, you punk ass fucknozzles - If you ever dare try this over on the east coast, and you have the balls to attempt to stick one of those on my car, I will beat you to within an inch of your life and I will make sure the cops in their cars and the paramedics in their ambulances know that you think they are the root cause of September 11 and then we will all sit around and watch while you writhe and moan in pain.

Who the fuck are you people kidding? Do you mean to tell me that you all walk, ride bikes or mopeds? Oh yea, you don't need transportation when you are just punk ass kids who do nothing but protest the country that gives them the freedom to spout their radical views...

Civil disobedience is fine, to an extent. Defacing someone's property and blaming them for a terrorist attack caused by fanatics who probably don't give a piss about your cause - that's just assinine.

Grow up. Get a job. Get a life.

Read the whole thing; Surrounded by Idiots.

2. What does the following, from 2004, have to do with the issue of safety?

One of my favorite childhood memories is of the summer we spent riding our bikes to Wantagh to a pedestrian walkway that spanned the Wantagh Parkway. The walkway was concrete and sloped all the way down into (I think, my memory is a little fuzzy these days) a school parking lot. We rode to the top of the walkway (two to a bike, which you rarely see these days) and took turns riding down the steep slope, pedaling until we were at a break-the-sound-barrier pace (kids tend to be hyperbolic, you know) and once we reached top speed, do a no arms, no legs maneuver so we were coasting down the walkway without thinking about breaking or steering. At the end was a small bump, which was enough to make your bike do a little wheelie, which more often than not left you flat on your back, your bike underneath you, wheels still spinning. We did this with no helmets, no knee pads, no shin pads. It would be the greatest thrill any of us would have until we discovered sex many years later. MANY years later.

And we survived.

Read the whole thing in Rare Steaks and Safety Gear.

3. Shortly before Christmas, 2001, Michele briefly lost her mind:

On the way home from work yesterday, I started hallucinating. I thought the garbage can on the side of the road was Santa. A kid on a bicycle looked suspiciously like Frodo. And then I thought the cop who pulled up beside me on his motorcycle was emitting laser beams from his eyes.

Want more proof? Read Where is my Mind?

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