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October 18, 2005

Do your shorts have room for 2 bulges?

Okay, all you happy cyclists...

Especially you guys, and you know who you are, who love to parade around in them there spandex, super tight, shorts on your pedalling escapades...

Do your shorts have pockets?

What about your jersey?

I can hear you asking why from here. ;-D

Here's why ( from Wisconsin ):

A Manawa woman died Tuesday after being hit by a car while biking Monday night, according to authorities.

Barbara Smoll, 63, was injured in a 7 p.m. Monday crash on Waupaca County N west of Wisconsin 22-110 near Manawa.

The Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department said Smoll was riding her bike west on N when she was struck from behind by a westbound car driven by April Roberts, a 23-year-old Manawa woman. Police said the bright sun was a factor in the crash.

Smoll’s death points out the need for bikers, joggers and walkers to carry identification, authorities say.

Officials said Smoll wasn’t identified by officials until she didn’t show up for work Tuesday morning — more than 12 hours after the accident.

There is such a thing as traveling stupid when it comes to traveling light on your bike rides, and this is why.

Smoll was taken to New London Family Medical Center and then flown to Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah on Monday night. While medical personnel worked to save her, police were trying to identify her.

Police thought they had discovered who she was about six hours after the crash, but that identification wasn’t right, said Waupaca County Coroner Barry Tomaras.

Police were going to check with bike shops to see if they could determine who had recently purchased that bike, and may have been forced to take other measures to identify her if that didn’t pan out.

“The next thing was going to be dental records and all that,” he said. “It certainly would have been nice if she had something on her.”

Think about it, folks...

There was a distinct possibility that she might never have been identified, and her relatives notified.

She could have ended up in an unmarked paupers grave in some local cemetery, with no-one the wiser.

The rest of the article introduces its readers to a website I've had in my Links almost from the beginning, and have written about before:

Brandon's Champions.

Brandon's Champions: Blog.

For Rose and Joe Fochs it has been their mission since their son Brandon’s death to urge the use of helmets and to urge bikers and jobbers and walkers to carry identification.

“Our goal with Brandon’s Champions is to not only educate people on the importance of bike and pedestrian safety but also to have the ID inside the helmet,” she said.

If you think it's uncool to stuff a wallet in your pocket then at least tape identifying info inside your helmet.

Since life-saving treatment can be done even without relatives’ permission, the delay in identifying Smoll did not affect the treatment, Tomaras said.

Smoll, who recently moved to the area, finally was identified Tuesday after she failed to show up for her job driving a bus for New London schools.

Sgt. Pat DeWall of the Appleton Police Department said having identification also is important so medical workers know the patient’s history and concerns like allergies.

DeWall realizes that joggers or bikers, especially in the summer, don’t wear much clothing and might not have pockets. But he still advises carrying some identification.

“It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate — just something with a name and a phone number. Just carry something.”

Sometimes Cool and Sexy have to play second fiddle to Sensible.

Sept. 21 --Green Bay Press-Gazette:  Officials: Cyclists death shows need for ID by John Lee.

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Good tip about carrying ID. In Boulder, a bicycle rider remains unidentified two weeks after his death from head trauma inflicted by an aluminum baseball bat.

Posted by: Fritz | Oct 19, 2005 3:10:00 PM

http://www.roadid.com/ - seems like overkill to me, but it's one solution.

Posted by: Derek | Oct 19, 2005 6:05:54 PM

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