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January 13, 2006

Tour de Bicycling Blogs 1

Ladies, and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Cyclists, and non-cyclists!

Welcome to the 1st edition of The Tour de Bicycling Blogs!

Do U Bicycle?

There are a growing number Bloggers with sites dedicated to the proposition that bike riding is good for you and fun.

This month The Cycling Dude celebrates its 3rd Birthday, but a small number of us, I've found, have been Blogging a bit longer than that.

In various ways we all provide commentary, and opinion, reports about events, and news, write reviews, stories, and travelogues, share photographs, and spread the word about the wide variety of websites of interest to anyone who rides a bike.

BikeBloggers spread the word, and the word is BICYCLE!

The posts listed here all appeared in December 2005.

This series is about bicycling, and bicyclists, and is open to all types of cyclists, and even to Bloggers who are NOT BikeBloggers but have written a post on bicycling that would be of interest, and wish to share it with a wider audience.

Expect to read my own thoughts about some, or all, of the submitted entries.

To learn more about the Tour begin here.

Let's saddle up, and ride!


1. Joel Gwadz, of the blog Gwadzilla:

Joel is a cyclist who likes to take photographs, and share them with his readers.

Interesting, colorful, and sometimes quite beautiful they are always worth your time to search out. ( As his is writing, which often tends toward the poetic, and can be quite opinionated )

Upon learning of this endeavor Joel offered me the use of several pictures for this edition, but I ultimately decided not to use them.

I prefer to steer you to him by recommending 4 entries by way of thanks for his offer, for his interesting comments left from time to time, and for the interesting writing found on his Blog:

A. Bicycling and Furniculars: 1 and 2 and 3.

B. Jamaican bicyclists.

I, too, take photos on my bike rides, and have for a decade.

I do it to document where I have been, and what I have seen, and sometimes my Trusty Steed, and I, even appear in a shot. ;-D

With my new computer, and its toys, plus a new camera I may finally be able to share some of my own photos.

2. Larry Lagarde, of the Blog Great Bicycle Trails and City Rides Worldwide, is no stranger to regular readers of the Dude, especially in the afternmath of Katrina.

I have written about him, and he has submitted an essay as well.

The last few months have been a momentous time for him, and his wife.

Then last week a future bicyclist was born into the family and, judging from the photos he shared with me, the little tyke is cute as can be, and has the proud parents firmly under her spell. ;-D

Larry's entries are about a new Folding Bike called the Mobiky Genius, and I include a 3rd ( middle ) entry because it has important info of relevance to the other 2.

A. Mobiky Genius is truly rad!

B. Mobiky Genius story temporarily delayed.

C. Mobiky Genius Photos.

Keep an eye on his 2 sites for further info on this bike.

Larry sent me the following year end message:

I'm now the volunteer coordinator for the MRT for the State of Tennessee. Additionally, I've been tasked with advising the Tennessee Greenways foundation on new potential trail alignments for mountain bike and road bike trails along the MRT corridor. This is an exciting & challenging project as it brings together a wide variety of interests from cyclists to conservationists.

The Bikes For Katrina project in Memphis has attracted a lot of interest but too late for a major distribution of bikes before the holidays. In all likelihood, the bikes will not be distributed until February but at least the weather will be warmer.

Lastly, I've met a lot of wonderful people as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Without a doubt, the storm was a major catastrophe and watermark in our lives; however, I'm very excited by the doors that have opened as a result. I have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of thousands upon thousands of people. It hasn't put food on the table but it does allow me to go to sleep at peace with myself.

Best wishes,
Larry Lagarde

And best wishes to you, and yours, Larry.

3. Phillip Barron, of the Blog Nicomachus, writes a Bi-Weekly Column on Bicycling, for the Herald-Sun, of Durham North Carolina.

He reprints the Columns on his Blog, and posts other Cycling entries as well.

In this column he writes about a lady who is taking a very long Bike Ride:

Judy Martell, 55, of Durham is a little less than halfway through riding the American Discovery Trail, a 6,800 mile patchwork of paved greenways, state parks, and roadways connecting Delaware with San Francisco. In 2001, she woke from a dream with a goal to use her own two legs to get her from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

A. The Outspokin' Cyclist: Cross-country bike trail teaches much about time.

B. Phillip also shares an absolutely gorgeous B and W slideshow he calls "Morning Commute".

4. If you ride a particular route on a regular basis you might encounter the same people day after day. When they suddenly no longer are there what do you think happened to them?

A. Casey, of the Blog Bicycle-Eye, writes about a "Disappearing Rider".


None this Month, but I know y'all are out there because I find you on my own!

I recently began a project that is dedicated to finding mentions of bicycling in the Blogs of the wider Blogosphere, sometimes going back as far as 3 years, or more if I can, into a Bloggers Archives to do so.

Often a post, as a whole, may have nothing to do with cycling but, to me, the entries make for interesting reading anyway, and I believe deserve a new, and wider audience.

( Pssst... Even Glen Reynolds, the Instapundit, covers, or at least mentions, Bicycling! )

If by doing this I can bring more attention to BikeBlogging in all its variety then its worth the effort.

Archive: Blogosphere covers Bicycling. ( 7 posts since Sept., with more to come in 2006 )

That's it for this month!

I wish to thank the Godfather of the Blog Carnival Phenomenom, Silflay Hraka, for being an inspiration to me.

Over the years both of my Blogs have contributed to Carnival of the Vanities, and others, and I benefited from the experience of twice hosting the Best of Me Symphony, which eventually gave me the courage to consider starting this project.

I hope that you not only enjoyed the stories shared here, but learned some things along the way, including that there is a whole Niche of Blogging out there that you may not have been aware of.

If you like what you see, then spread the word...

About the Tour, about this Blog, about the other Blogs you have been introduced to ( including the Non-BikeBloggers ), and the amazing collection of cycling resources we have brought, and will continue to bring, to our readers attention.

Happy Cycling!

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