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May 17, 2006

Baltimore Bike Mentor Program

This is interesting, from Maryland:

Would you like route-planning advice from an experienced commuter from your neighborhood? Even better, would you like to team up with a seasoned urban biker to show you the way? Maybe you just want a recommendation for good city tires – smooth with grip when you need it - and do not want to spend a day on the web searching.

With the Bike Mentor program you can find a local rider with the technical info, and motivational support, you need to get ready, get set and GO!

Find a bike mentor in your area!

This is just one part of the collection of Cycling Resources available on the Website of the Baltimore Metropolitan Council.

***UPDATE - 5/19***

This from Fritz, of Cyclicious, and Longmont:

I have an overview of bike mentor programs here.

The Longmont program mentioned in the above website has been fairly succesful I guess. Over the past year we've provided route finding help for about a dozen people.


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