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January 13, 2007

Industry Insider Brings Attention to Something All BikeBloggers Have

Tim Jackson, The Masi Guy, has been blogging since March 2005.

The other day he was inspired to find a way to spread the word about other BikeBloggers.

Our community is all about bicycles, so I am calling this the B-List... for hopefully obvious reasons.

Here's how it works;
I post my list of bike blogs that I like and read and then you cut and paste the list onto your blog and add the sites that you like and read. Then anybody who reads the list does the same and a great viral meme is born, creating lots of exposure to the blogs on the lists and giving people a new set of blogs to read that they might not have known anything about. It's a great way to build and foster community among our peer group of cycling bloggers... and it's also a lot of fun and brings people together for a big virtual hug.

Here are his "regular bike blog reads (my B-List), in no particular order at all..." ( 4 of which I know of. ), and what follows are the 81 Blogs/Personal Cycling Sites in my "Cycling Blogs, Journals, Etc." List, minus the 4 that we share in common, and now including Masi Guy, himself.

I've been spreading the word about other BikeBlogs, even providing opportunities for cyclists to submit fully credited articles for publication here, since I began, 4 years ago, this month, and it is good to see another Industry Insider interested enough to spread the word about other BikeBlogs in our growing Community.

As a Community we have come far since Velorution opened shop in Dec. 2002, in Britain, and I began the next month, in the United States, just an ordinary guy ( No Industry-Type here, folks! ) who has a lifelong love of Recreational Cycling.

In this anniversary month I think it approrpriate to celebrate by adding to Tim's List.

I will be checking out his Blog, and the blogs in his list, and adding to my Blogroll, and I hope you will join us in this effort, and do the same. ( I'll be adding links to other B-Lists, below, tonite. )

There are a lot of us out there spreading the Word.... and the Word is BICYCLE!!! ;-D

Bicycle Design
Bike Portland
Bitch Kitty's Scratching Post
Cornerstone Life
Crooked Cog Network
Crooked Cog Podcast
Dave's Bike Blog
First And Last And Always
Go Clipless
Guitar Ted Productions
Interbike Times
Missing Saddle
Panther City Blog
Professional Bicycle Support
Blue Squirrel
Skibbysez; Shut Up and Ride!
Smithers Minneapolis
Super Rookie's World
Surly Blog
The Canari Blog
The Life and Times at SockGuy
Tidbits and More
Ugly Bike

Adventures of Crazy Biker Chick ( Toronto, CAN. )
Bicycle Blogs: A Directory
Bicycle Buffet
Bicycle Diaries (Chicago, Il. )
Bicycle Eye
Bicycle Kitchen Blog
Bicycle Meditations
Bicycle Musings ( Pa. )
bicycle.spb.ru ( A BikeBlog In Russian! )
Bike Nerd ( Sea. and Boston )
Bike Reader
Bike Refugee ( Ontario, Can. )
Bike to Shine
Bike Year
BikeBlog USA
BikeBlogs: A Directory
BikeLog ( Stockholm, Sweden )
BikeTown Blogger ( Racine, WI. )
Biking in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Biking Toronto
Bikin' Bis
BlogNetNews Cycling: BikeBlog Feeds Galore!
Brandon's Champions Blog
Bruce's Bike Blog ( AZ. )
C.I.C.L.E. : Bike-a-Blog
Carfree Family ( Santa Fe, NM. )
Celsius 1414
CFSMTB in Low Earth Orbit ( Australia )
Chainsaw Panda Rides A Bike (Austin, TX.)
Cole Coonce Cycling Reader
Commute by Bike
Commute-A-Blog ( Cape Cod, Mass. )
Crazy Guy on a Bike ( Touring Journals! )
Cycler's Life ( Missoula, MT. )
Cycling Cog
Cycling in South Dakota ( Sioux Falls, SD. )
Daily Pundit - Bicycling Archives ( CA. )
Dan on Bike ( IN. )
Down the Road ( Around the World on 2 Wheels )
ExperiencePlus Bicycle Advocacy Blog ( Co. )
ExperiencePlus Bicycle Travel Blog (Co.)
Fearless Gearless
fixedgear ( Philadelphia, PA. )
From the Back of a Bike
From the City to Suburbia ( Irvine, Ca. )
Great Bicycle Rides and City Trails Worldwide
James Raia--Cycling Columnist
Just Riding Along
Keystone Biking
Longmont Bicycling Resource (CO.)
Lunatic Biker ( Minneapolis, MN. )
Martino's Bike Lane Diary
MinusCar Project ( Sioux Falls, SD. )
My Bicycle Musings (CA.)
Nathan's Blog ( Mn. )
Oil is for Sissies ( MN. )
Pedaling My Thoughts ( UK )
Pedaller ( Sydney, Aus. )
Phil Fake--Artist
Planet Cycling
Roger Kramer's Blog ( IL. )
Seeing Albuquerque by Bicycle
Sportcrazy - Cycling ( Ireland )
Sustainable Energy in Motion Bike Tour
Tim Jackson: Masi Guy
Tournez a gauche
Treadly and Me ( Australia )
Two Cities Two wheels ( St. Paul, MN. )
Velorution ( UK. )
Voyage, Voyage
WashCycle ( Wash. DC )
Wheel Revolution (OR.)
Wheels of Justice ( Au. )

****UPDATE -- 1215am -- 1/14/07***

What follows are links to other B-Lists ( Let me know if you have done 1, and I'll add you to the list! ), and by the looks of things there are plenty of new Blogs to discover, and I'll gradually be adding links to my Blogroll, and have plenty of new fodder for many new editions of my Tour de Bicycling Blogs Series. ;-D

1. My friend Fritz, of Cyclicious, has put together an extensive 2 part list:

Part 1, and Part 2.

2. Da' Square Wheelman, of Bicycle Diaries.

3. Warren, of Limited  Warren T.

4. Treadly and Me.

5. Bitch Kittie.

6. De Choc.

8. James, of Bicycle Design.

9. Panther City Blog.

10. Shenandoah Cycling ‘n Stuff.

11. Dave, of Public Energy, has added 3 to the ongoing fun.

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Awesome! Thanks for helping in this little crusade to spread the word and get some great blogs some new readers. There are so many great blogs to read and so many wonderfully diverse voices out there. It's a lot of fun discovering them all.

Hopefully this helps to grow our universe and get more and more folks talking about cycling and getting on bikes more often. Wouldn't that be great?

Thanks again,

Posted by: Tim Jackson | Jan 13, 2007 12:53:43 PM

Thanks for spreading the word Kiril. I really think Tim was on to something with this b-list idea, so I am glad to see it catch on. With every new post, I find at least a few bike blogs that I had never seen before. Very cool.

Posted by: James | Jan 15, 2007 7:36:31 AM

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