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April 05, 2007

Flag Waving Cyclists Revealed!

Remember the Picture of the formation of Patriotic Cyclists at the Acura Bike Tour?

They have a Website!

I had tried to learn more about them,twice, on the ride, but neither of the people I talked to thought to tell me more than what cities they came from. ;-D

Well, one of the guys checked out the Dude, and saw the picture.

He contacted me, and that's how I learned of the website. ;-D

The website has just been a place to goof around with my friends and show our
pictures to each other. 


I explored the place, and will add it to the Blogroll.

The Pedaling Patriots group of riders carry large American flags as a statement of patriotic pride and love of country.  We are not affiliated with any political or religious group.  We are patriots and friends - that's all.

Our group welcomes anyone that wants to help us deliver our message of unity and patriotism.  That includes any sex, any race, and any political outlook.

The have participated in the Bike tour since 2003, and their website has pictures of each Medal, pictures from each ride, pictures of the Swag given out each year, Guidelines for permision to ride with the group in the Tour, a Picture filled explanation on how to mount a flag on your bike ( I just may DO THIS! ), and they even sell a special T-Shirt.

Check out The Pedaling Patriots, and consider either joining them on the next Acura Tour, or just putting a flag on your bike, for showing your patriotism close to home.

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