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The problem with making illegal Mexican immigration (let's stop nancying around, we're talking about Mexicans) an emotional issue wherein those opposed are racists or meanies and those pro are righteous humanists is that it is a bogus premise and doesn't address the root issue: a corrupt and exploitive Mexican government.

When was the last time Joel visited the country side in the central states of Zacatecas, Guanajuato, Aquacalientes, San Luis Potosi or the states nearest to DF; Puebla, Michoacan, Oaxaca or Guerro? Millions of Mexicans live in abject poverty because their own government and brethern ignore their needs.

The reason Mexicans are so desperate to migrate is not that they want to become Americans, they don't. Mexicans love their country passionately and go North for survival. There are thousands of small towns and villages in the countryside that have no young or middle aged men, they rely 100% on the American dollars their men send to support them. Do you really think these men live for years without their wives, parents and children because they want to be Americans?

Have you ever caught a red-eye flight to any heartland city in December? The lines are full of Mexicans returning for the Holidays with mountains of boxes and bundles containing the most basic of household goods that are beyond the means of their extended families.

Mexico is owned and operated by a few dozen families and cartels control everything. Your largess and compassion fills their Swiss bank accounts and the government doesn't have to address the issue of their poor, who are in the main dark-skinned Indians and therefore scorned by the light-skinned European-Hispanic elite.

Joel and his party are enabling a horrendous colonialism to continue unabated and unaddressed in Mexico to maintain a political advantage.

That is racism at it's worse.

Another point not addressed in an emotional argument is that illegal immigration makes it impossible to fund or budget for social services. Joel should drive up to Humboldt County where people are forced to drive hundreds of miles to a healthcare clinic...or come to West Oakland and have a look at the third-world condition of school buildings. As long as we divert money to provide services to illegals while billions in earned income flows from the state to Mexico instead of into our local tax base, American elderly and children will receive less. That is simply not fair.

The US needs and welcomes immigrants, but at levels we can plan for and assimulate into our social services. The unchecked rate of illegal immigration in California is not sustainable and that is a simple economic truth.


Another simple truth is that you have written a most comprehensive analysis of a very complex issue in a way that many politicians are too afraid to publicy agree with.


What about Arizona? Are similar laws in process to allow Mexicans the opportunity to become citizens? Regardless of whether or not someone thinks they want to be.

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