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They were out of line, yes.

You may try to be courteous and *share* the road, but many cyclists don't hold to that. I wish more did. There are more than a few self-righteous shitheads out there who seem to delight in f***ing up traffic. It's a shame that it gives all y'all a bad name, but after a few encounters with such, it's hard not to get angry at the sight of someone on a bicycle.

Which doesn't mean folks should make jokes about running them down. And which doesn't mean people should throw things at them.

It just means that respect should go both ways. We vehicle people have our jerks, but the cyclists have theirs, too.

I'd be happy to CO-exist.


I've been riding a bike for 30 years, and it wasn't until several years ago that I began to understand and appreciate the meaning of being a Vehicular Cyclist.

I didn't know that many of the common sense things I did on the road were the subject of books and training courses, and were actually legalized as well.

Too many cyclists don't know the safe way to ride, are afraid to ride in the street and, like too many car drivers, do not realize they have the right to be in the street, even taking up a lane, and also making left turns among other things.

This leads to conflicts, and misunderstandings that need not be.

Then you have Cycling actvists like those who encourage Critical Mass rides. These rides are unsafe, disruptive of normal traffic, and anger car drivers, and pedestrians, therefore doing nothing to further the cause of a bicycle friendly society.

I began my Cycling Dude weblog, in January, to spread the word about Road Cycling, for commuting, and recreational purposes, and after closing it down in August have plans to make The Cycling Dude a part of this website instead.

Trying to talk to people on the street, both misguided, fearful, and ill-trained cyclists, and angry ms-informed car drivers is a difficult task.

I hope that my pieces on the Joint, and my Cycling Dude section, will be read by visitors here, and thru that maybe I can help educate and inform folks on both sides.

I don't know it all, not hardly, but I can providfe entertaining stories, and useful links so everyone can enjoy and learn about cycling.


Looking forward to seeing more info. :)


Critical Mass is not unsafe. As a matter of fact, it is the only time I feel completely safe riding my bike in New York (& I commute via bike every day). It is the only time motorists aren't harassing me, deliberately pinching me out, trying to door me, etc.

You may disagree with the Mass's direct action tactics (that's another debate entirely), but to take it to task for doing what it intends to do (inconvenience motorists) is to beg the question.

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