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language hat

Hey, thanks for the link! That post has garnered more comments than anything I've posted in a long time, and debate is growing quite heated. It never ceases to amaze me how invested people are in their preconceived notions about language; it seems to be almost impossible for most people to separate language from all sorts of sociopolitical stuff. (As I'm sure you're well aware, to this day many Bulgarians insist Macedonian is "just a dialect of Bulgarian," and this is not unconnected to an idea that Macedonia should be part of Bulgaria.) I was lucky enough to grow up mostly abroad, so I very early got used to the idea that there were all sorts of people in the world speaking all sorts of languages, and the whole thing fascinated me, and still does.


RE: to this day many Bulgarians insist Macedonian is "just a dialect of Bulgarian," and this is not unconnected to an idea that Macedonia should be part of Bulgaria.)

If I'd had the foresight to ask my Dad about that question when he was alive his answer might have been quite interesting.

He went to Bulgarian Schools in the 20's and 30's, and was in the Bulgarian Air Force during the first half of WW 2. He finished the war in the Nationalist Macedonian Underground, fighting Tito, before fleeing the country in 1946.

He was fluent in 5 languages desite an 8th grasde education, and the first language he learned in America (1952-55) was Spanish, not English.

Meeting my Mom, in '56, took care of THAT minor deficiency. :-)


On the two dollar bill - At an antique show a month or so ago, I overheard a girl tell her friend, "Oh look, fake money!" while looking at a display of two dollar bills in a coin & currency dealer's booth.




That's sad.

It is a shame how few people actively spend the 2 currencies.

I expect the Penny to finally go away one day.

How many times a week do you find yourself being given nickles & dimes instead of a few pennies for change, or your $1.06 or $1.11, or $1.26 payment being reduced by a penny by the clerk who doesn't want the penny in his drawer? :-)

And have you noticed the proliferation of Penny dishes at some stores?

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