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Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't. Mark Twain

Human emotions, released in a physical outburst, takes on a whole new meaning to strangeness. Emotion puts a strangle hold on ones ability to think with reason.

I saw the Danish cartoons and also fail to understand why they were ever printed to begin with. I don't think that they are good or funny and if I was the editor I would have asked the artist to make a better effort before going to print. Perhaps they just had some empty space to fill. Its just dull humor so why such a big fuss? It must built up hatred towards the western world.

No pun intended but it seems the straw that broke the camel's back. It makes me think twice about what a difficult task it is to maintain "law & order" anywhere. When pinned up emotions get released it only takes a little stirring to explode into mob violence. I suppose it is similar to a crime of passion where a half drunk jilted lover, or ex-postal worker, snaps and the shooting starts. Is this what they call temporary insanity and can it be contagious?

Perhaps some good may come out of this, the anger is vented and we are now aware of a soft spot. I can now understand why in 1980's Saudi Arabia had such a tightly controlled news media. I don't know about it today.

In America as with every other country, there is a vail over the media that hides 'the truth' from the general public. God forbid that we should know the truth and nothing but the truth, we would go mad or perhaps self-destruct. We seem to need a certain measure of truth and possibility to maintain a steady temper. Likewise we need a measure of belief and fictional reality (aka. Religion). Is that what makes up a 'balanced' individual?

I have been attending church regularly for over a year now. I'm thankful that I have had exposure to different people and places. I feel less self-righteous about things and seem more tolerant of other people. Also church is the best place to approach and chat with large breasted young girls. LOL

Thanks for reading my comments and letting me vent a little.

I would welcome your thoughts.

That's All

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