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As an European girl I can only sigh "at least he is not for Bush !"

Have you ever been outside the States ?

I think then you would talk differently about America's meaning of freedom a word which shows up in almost every phrase.

You only hear what you are told

I suppose there is no other TV or radio station but american, so no comparison with other western countries.

You say 2,808 soldiers died in Irak, they are much more than that.

I met an english nurse working in the a military hospital in the UK where all heavily wounded soldiers from Irak are brought in, because they cannot be transported to the States.

Most of them are dyeing there and nobody talks about them.

The same happens in Germany in the american military hospital.

Probably nobody will ever know how many of these poor men or women died for a completely senseless war.

Only oil buisiness or do you really think that Bush is worried about the well being of Irak ??

You should read The Sandbox, or maybe you know it?

Soldiers report from Irak in blogs.

Some are really very sad.

I am a mother and I am with all mothers involved.

And I came here for the cat carnival lol ! I return to the cats !

Nikita, The Bouncer of Sneakeasy's Joint

Pssst... Gattina,

Read the peice again, and look around the Blog...

I'm as Conservative as Daddy is. ;-D

I don't know where you are getting your info, abot American's, and about the war, but let me tell you, Daddy, and I are very informed about the tragedy in the making that is Europe, about the war against terror, and more.

Anyone with a computer has access to more info, and resources for news, than the Liberal, and especially the world-wide Anti-American, Media cares to believe we do, and we pay attention to it.

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