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Meowsings of a Right Paw Puttie Tat 3

I AM the TOMCAT! ;-D

VET: "Nikita is such a HANDSOME Boy!"

ASST: "Nikita is so FRIENDLY!"

ASST: "What a BIG Man!"


Official Report by the Doc after my appointment at my new Vet:

Nikita is a Handsome Boy.

He weighed 16.5 lbs. today. ( I'm not overweight, just a HUGE Cat, hee, hee. )

His Physical Exam was normal except for a few scabs over his shoulders/neck, and some mild dental tartar.

The Scabs are most likely due to allergies. ( Wassup with this? I didn't notice I was allergic to ANYTHING! )

If they don't clear up after the Bath ( Not so hard to take, fellas, as long as it's only yearly, or every 3 years. ) and Advantage treatment please let us know.

Recommend tartar control treats like the CET Chews for his teeth. ( Those things sure are TASTY! )

He received his FRCP Vaccine booster as well. ( Needles don't scare ME! )

Much to my embarrassment Daddy let them give me a Damn Lion Cut, instead of the full body shave I got the 1st time I suffered this fate, in 2003, so I've got a Mane from my head to my shoulders, uncut hair on my paws, and... a puff ball on the end of my tail. ;-D

As for the rest.... I've got my DIGNITY, but what can I say.... I AM cooler in all this heat, just like the last time, so I won't go hide under the bed for a week, or anything like that.

Besides, I WOWED them at the Vet, and the Ladies were putty in my paws everywhere we went, especially AFTER the Haircut. ;-D

Including a bag of the chews ( $15 ), the visit cost Daddy around $152.

And I'm worth every penny, we both agree. ;-D

Next year, when I officially become a Jr. Member of the Senior Ranks, I will get Blood Work and a Urinalysis done, as well as my Annual Physical.

What a day!

I think this is the beginning of a beeyouteeful relationship! :-D

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Meowsings of a Right Paw Puttie Tat 2

Hello, Nikita here...

The other night Daddy was speculating on why I've suddenly begun to contribute around here again.

Some would say I don't need no stinkin' reason to do what I do, I'm a CAT.

There is some truth to that theory, I suppose, but not in my case.

I have always enjoyed writing about my life, and expressing my opinions, it just took a while for me to understand just how much.

With access to Daddy's Computer, and 10 hours alone in which to find something to do other than just eat, sleep, and stare out the back window, contributing the occasional post is a fine way to spend some part of my day.

Daddy is a true Cat Person, you know.

Who else BUT a Cat Person could dream up a post like THIS ONE, risking the ire of Radical Feminists, and other women with no sense of humor, worldwide, with his wit, and insight?

Sadly Maximus is no longer with us, and while how that came about might disturb some folks, I respect Daddy more because of his compassion, and caring.

You may have noticed a collection of links in the sidebar under my picture.

I will get to those soon, but for now encourage you to take time out from admiring my glorious pose, and check them out on your own.

Today I wish to re-acquaint you with my previous writings on this blog.

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The Cat in the Bag

2 Crinkle Toys at $30.

1 ordinary Paper Bag at no cost.

The choice a curious Cat makes about which one to crawl into?



Bag Diving! It's the Sport of Cats! ;-D

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The Bouncer of SEJ Celebrates 8 Years of Life

All work , and no play, makes Nikita a bored Pussy. ;-D



Nikita here.

Last month I celebrated my 8th Birthday.

No I did NOT have too much Catnip!

I believe in moderation where that bit of bliss is concerned.


Daddy was at his desk, after just coming home from somewhere, and I was just SOOOOO glad to see him. ;-D

Don't I look just purrrfect?

Look at that coat!

Look at that SIZE and sculpted body ( I may be 16lbs., but I'm a well built Tom, I'll have you know! )!

And doesn't that beautiful belly just cry out for a celebratory Birthday Belly Rub? ( Yes! and I got one, too! )

I wish to thank the readers of this blog, and those who have commented over the years ( especially those who have commented about me! ).

You make my job an easy one, and have given me little trouble these 4 years as Bouncer of this fine establishment, and for that I am grateful. ;-D

All in all, life is good, and as I approach double digits in age I do it with front paws at the ready and all 9 lives still in place. ;-D

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Meowsings of a Right Paw Puttie Tat

Hello, Nikita here, filling in for Daddy.

He's been sick for at least a week, and the last 4 days have been the worst.

I will never complain about hairballs again! When Humans get sick enough that they start coughing, and losing their voice, the sound of that cough can rival the worst episode of hairballs.

Trust me.

At night he spends most of the time sleeping sitting up so as not to cough so much.

I try to take his mind off it by playing with him, but his belly scratches are not full of their usual expert technique so I eventually settle down next to him and take a light nap.

Hopefully he will be well in time for Christmas, and can enjoy his 3 days off from work.

Regular readers know that it's been a while since I last contributed anything here, but I am feeling the writing bug again, similar to when I wrote my well received, unfinished, memoirs in my youth.

You can find old stuff, including the only still existing chapters of the memoirs ( Tales from the Litter Box ), here, and see my picture on the Left Sidebar.

Anyway, what prompted me to consider a return to regular writing?

Blame Ferdinand!

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Nude Cats, and lots of them

I came home this evening to catch Nikita, online, drooling over nude pictures on the internet.

Can you blame him? ;-D

What type of Cat Parent are you?

Decent Cat Parent: You treat your cats very well
and are deserving of praise. You might want to
pick up a few extra cat toys and treats during
your next shopping trip...

What kind of Cat Parent are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Mom? MOM? ( Dropping his pants, and drawers, and staring downward in puzzlement )

Pardon me while I go shopping for some dresses, and then go get my nails done, and what's left of my hair permed. ;-D

Here kitty, kitty, kitty

Nikita submitted his essay to the latest Carnival of the Cats, and is quite pleased to join a select company of his fellow felines, over at Blog d'Ellison, for Carnival #77.

My favorite stories:

1. Cats are really Woobies:

I am sure that they are the manifestation, in this dimension, or a far older, wiser, and highly intelligent creature, whose interface into this plane of existence appears as these two creatures... Like the tips your fingers from the perspective of a mollusk...

That's right, which, since there are two of them, means that some inter-dimensional S.O.B. is flipping me the double bird...


As for what Dogs are... there's a revelation about them in this piece as well. ;-D

2. Seeing-eye Dogs everyone knows about.

Seeing-eye Cats, however...

Our dog is blind. Her name is Nadine and she is part Springer and part Border Collie. She's always been a spunky, active dog, but now that she can't see, she's slowed down a lot, because she's afraid of bumping into things. When we first got V and M, she thought he was a mouse because of his gray color (she could still see then) and chased him, so it took him a little while to warm up to her.

Well, as you may know, Mercury likes to sneak out whenever he can. Even though we try our best, with 3 kids and their friends the doors aren't always closed. This morning, he got out again. My husband came in later in the morning with an amazing story.

The story of Nadine and Mercury is as amazing as it is touching.

Of course, the real reason to read the Carnival of the Cats is to admire the photos everyone takes of their wonderful companions.

Bouncer: Help Humane Society help Animal Companion victims of Katrina

Hello, Nikita here...

When my Mother was pregnant with me, and my litter mates, she was taken in by the Humane Society in Pomona, Ca.

It was there that I was born, and it was from there that I chose ( even he admits to thinking that in describing the event ) the human with whom I'd be a companion for life, the one I call Daddy, who writes this Blog.

He's off doing some errand, and that left  me to my own devices for a few hours.

So I chose to lay on the open copy of the OC Register on the kitchen table for a while.

While doing so I noticed the list of organizations doing great work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

One stood out to me...

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Puzzled Pussy Ponders Peculiar Place

Good evening!

It's me, Nikita, the Bouncer of this fine place, and the Boon Companion of its owner.

For those who are new to the place, you can see my picture over on the left ( Daddy's the one with no fur, and wearing glasses ).

Since Daddy's away I figure I'd tell you the REAL story of the move in to our new home on Friday.

It's for times like these, when our Human Companions decide to discombobulate us by picking up, and moving lock, stock, and Litter Box to new surroundings that I think we, of the feline persuasion, are blessed with 9 lives.

This is the 2nd time in 2 years I've gone through this, and well...

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It's a Cats Life.

My cat, Nikita, is 6 1/2 yrs. old this month.

It's been a while since I've written about him.

In addition to being this establishments Bouncer, Nikita is my roommate, friend, and Best Buddy.

At times he has also been my creative inspiration: I've written, in previous entries, about the Memoirs Nikita "wrote" a few years ago, elsewhere, and even shared the only existing chapter ( I didn't save them. Long story ).

He may yet try to re-write them here, if he can get over his writer's block. :-)

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Cat Haiku's

A friend passed these, anonymous, Cat Haiku poems, along to me.

Enjoy. :-)

The food in my bowl
Is old, and, more to the point,
Contains no tuna.

So you want to play.
Will I claw at dancing string?
Your ankle's closer.

There's no dignity
In being sick, which is why
I don't tell you where.

Seeking solitude
I am locked in the closet.
For once I need you.

Tiny can, dumped in
Plastic bowl. Presentation,
One star; service: none.

Am I in your way?
You seem to have it backwards:
This pillow's taken.

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Carnival of the Cats

Cat Lovers rejoice!

There is a new event in the Bloggerverse where you can share your best stories about your cute widdle Pussy. :-)

If your Pussy is a big one, or you have more than one, you can share that. :-)

Laurence Simon, of Amish Tech Support, is famous for posting pictures of his cats, and for his CatCam.

Now he has begun The Carnival of the Cats and, with this weeks edition it is up to 3.

As he says in the intro to #2:

Unlike other Carnivals, where people are challenged to find their best or worst posts of the week on a particular subject, instead we turn to the most important thing anybody could blog about....

Their feline friends.

Here are the links to all Three:

Cat Tales 1

Cat Tales 2

Cat Tales 3

Cats and Xmas Trees Don't Mix

A contributor to a Rootsweb Message Board posted this gem yesterday, and I thought I share it:

I guess you could call it "A Cats 12 Days of Xmas". :-)


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Pussy Personality Changes After Haircut!

The fleafestation is gone after a bath, dip, and cut.

Nikita was returned home, friday evening, with a full body haircut that left nothing to the imagination with regards to physical features normally hidden by his being a medium-hair male cat.

His dignity is in tatters.

Who says cats don't have any intelligence and awareness of things around them? :-)

He has apparently decided not to hang out in his favorite window perch for more than 3 minutes at a time.

He hangs out on my bed or on the table.

Some might say the occasional breeze is too chilly, but I think he's just too damn embarrassed to be seen by the neighbors, especially the 2 other cats on our floor. :-)

Another change is that he has become more cuddly than he's been in a couple of years.

He has always been a friendly, and playful cat, but that trait has become more pronounced in recent days.

He now has re-discovered the joys of sitting and/or sleeping in my lap, and of sleeping curled up next to me at night.

Must be the warmth of my body or something. :-)

The War on Domestic Terror Hits Home

In other news, this weekend I discovered that NIKITA has fleas, or maybe its ticks, I don't know.

All I know is that the little black buggers are great jumpers, and must have got in the apartment because I leave the window open everyday, and the neighbor cat hangs outside my door alot.

I thought I couldn't close the window because, since the landlord advises us not to leave the air conditioner on when we are not home, the apartment would get too hot for Nikita.

Now I've got to hope it doesn't or I fear we will be overrun. :-)

I went and got a pack of those 4-in-1 drops that supposedly kills everything in sight for a month and am hoping for the best.

I am also considering putting a NO VACANCY sign in the window. :-)

You Know Your Neighbors Cat is a Republican When...

He spends every chance he gets, since you moved in, loitering outside your window growling in discontent, and peeking in your window, and hissing menacingly at YOUR cat ( NIKITA is an Independent ) who is doing nothing more incendiary than laying on your bed sleeping, or staring back at the nosey-poker in bemusement.

Poor VALHALLA (that's the Republicat's name appparently), he's discovered Non-Conservtives infiltrating the neighborhood and doesn't know what to do about the situation.... :-)


I'm not a bad man, am I? :-(

I've been hugging my cat, NIKITA, alot tonite.....

I'm feeling torn over what I did with my younger cat, MAXIMUS, today.......

Those of you who visit here regularly will remember my posting of how I brought MAXIMUS into my household less than 2 years ago:

YOU ADORE YOUR PUSSY, ADMIT IT! - Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002

I can only keep one cat when I move and that cat is going to be NIKITA.......

So I've been calling ADOPTION AGENCIES, and checking such sites online as well......

But they are either all full, have waiting lists, and even so cost too much for me to give them the cat......

So my vet, upon hearing that I may have to consign MAX to a quick death at the hands of the humane society said take him down to a certain no-kill shelter and offer to donate $20 to the cause if they take MAX.......

As I've mentioned before he hates to be handled and dislikes being caged for the visit to the vet....

I managed to corner the frightened dear, cage him, and cart him on my bike to the shelter.....

Their first reaction was to say he looked traumatized and quiz me about my care of him. I told them I was the only person he had mostly been around, that he let me pet him and scratch his belly, and that he played with 1 other cat.

They then said he appeared not to be a socializable cat ( even my sister has said that ), and wasn't of a popular breed, anyway, and even if they took him I'd have to pay $40. I said I could only pay $20 and so they offered me a list of agencies, and I refused it because it had names I'd already called or checked into. Then I took Max & left.......

I rode my bike away all the while thinking how horrible I'd feel going to the humane society and giving them the required $20 and essentially saying to them...here kill my cat......


I found an empty industrial complex....

I sat on the curb and upended the carrier, forcing poor Max out of it. I held him in my arms a while. He was too frightened to argue like he usually does.

Finally I walked over to a gate, and stuck him underneath. Then got on my bike and pedalled away without looking back.....

I couldn't even cry.....

Damnit! He deserves to live, even if only for a week or a month longer. He really deserves a chance to find a home where he can somehow learn to let others love him the way he deserves.

It wasn't his fault he was born in the wild, and has never really acclimated himself to humans......

I was the one that brought him in out of the wild at just a couple of months old.

I decided to give him back his freedom and a slim, fighting chance, at survival.

Does that make me a bad person for tossing him back on the street? :-(

Damn Humanity for being so careless with their cats that they refuse to get them fixed, and then let so many run loose on the streets day & night instead of keeping them indoors.

There are so many strays loose in the land that Humane Societies, shelters and adoption agencies are overwhelmed with the task of keeping up with the problem of CAT OVERPOPULATION.

It is unrealistic to expect every apartment owner to allow multiple cats into an apartment, especially when even allowing one seems to make some owners cringe, and so folks like me are forced to choose who lives or dies amongst their loved ones.

I choose, instead, to give MAXIMUS his freedom, and hope that, GLADIATOR that he is, he can survive and maybe even find a new home.

Forgive me, Maximus, for not being the Daddy you deserve.......

Well, Well, When Daddy's Away the Cat Will Play, I See

That's good. :-)

I hope y'all enjoyed his contributions and express your thoughts in the comment area. :-)

Right now he is relaxing in the living room window. Quite content with his days activity. :-)

A Cat Prepares to Return to Writing His Memoirs

Hi, it's me NIKITA again!

All 2 ft. long, 16 lbs, lovable black, gray, and white striped cat of me.

My white paws, and belly are adorable even if I do say so myself. :-)

And all MALE, too! Um, well, except for the fact I'm fixed that is.... Sorry Ladies :-(

It's been over 2 years since I last wrote an entry in my memoirs, and the best excuse I can give for my writer's block is that at first it was just exhaustion from writing the latest of 22 chapters, but it eventually came down to being pre-occupied with caring for and worrying about my human companion as his work life took a turn for the worse, and then came the responsibility of helping him raise a newcomer into our household as well.

I wish I could say that I had all 22 chapters saved on file, but I don't. At the time I wrote them Daddy was still learning many of the ins and outs of his computer, and besides, he never gave a 2nd thought to saving what I posted on the old HOWLING WOLVES BOARD from Entertainment Weekly.com.

Maybe we should have. Think of the possibilities for a book or something, who knows?

Anyway, today I want to share with you the only piece left from those days. Luckily it is the last one so makes it easy for me to prepare for continuing from where I left off.

I never thought about starting over because I feel I couldn't duplicate the quality of writing I brought to those stories. It is best I carry on from where I left off.

Where I left off works as a clean place to introduce my story because the period covered marked a new beginning in my life.

Let me begin with the April 8th, 2000, Introduction, and PROLOGUE that led into the much more lengthy main piece itself.....

Hello dear reader, when last we gathered here our weeks old hero had just been introduced to his new home environment, exploring the unfamiliar sights of a bedroom cut off from the rest of the house, and ending up under the bed to get his bearings....

After a few minutes I started calling out "where are you?"

Not knowing what I said, but responding to my frantic cry, the person I came to eventually call DADDY beckoned me out of hiding with some things that were reasuringly familiar: Dry food, water, & "Oh Happy Day!" a litter box!

I suddenly realized just how badly I needed to..... well, use your imagination. As I tended to business & then chowed down, I never noticed Daddy leaving the room. I slept under the bed for 3 hours, so content & at peace was I that I felt I could face anything.

Suddenly I awoke to the sound of loud, insistent scratching at the door to my sanctuary, and an even louder voice saying, "Who's there? Let me in, Damn it!"

Over, and over, and over...

I shivered under the bed in terror....

And now to continue with a chapter titled....

Who The Hell Are You? & Other Fine Points Of Making A New Acquaintance.

My first weeks in my new home had their good moments & their bad. The bad mainly centered around that frightening & mysterious Presense on the other side of the bedroom door, but also included my first times in my carrier as Daddy rode me on his bike to the vet.

During my first week, I was getting used to the smell associated with that angry voice beyond the door, & it was getting used to me as well. I realized it was another Cat, and its queastions, while never changing, were a little less angry sounding, and a bit more on the inquisitive side:

"Who are you? What are you? Are you like me? Why are you here?"

What made me still afraid, however, were statements like:

"I live here! You are not welcome! He loves me! LEAVE!"

I couldn't understaqnd why Daddy allowed this to go on. Didn't he understand a word of what was being said? If not, then why not?

The vet made me nervous. All this poking and proding, and sticking things where the sun don't shine, & the needles! Quite uncomfortable to tell you the truth!

But the good was outweighing the bad: Daddy's constant reassuring presense, his playing with me with toys, the food (oh, the food was wonderful!) with a bowl all my own, & no need to share!

Sleeping on the bed, or in Daddy's lap, I felt safe and at home.

I began to get bolder and more self assured. I explored the highs (that I could reach) and lows of my environment. Using my claws to climb up the bed sheet from the floor, and leaping onto a very low chair, or up at the hanging cord of the window blinds, I was very proud of myself indeed.

I even dared to tiptoe up to the door & listen to that voice or its owners movements in the other room. I was still afraid to say anything to it, however.

Finally, one morning, I awoke to find the door to my sanctuary open, and Daddy's voice from afar.....

Nervously, I jumped to the floor, stood up, and slowly, cautiously, walked toward the sound of his voice.

The first thing I noticed was that this room was larger, with so many new things to explore, I didn't know where to start! Shelves, a couch, toys, a window from which all sorts of interesting sounds could be heard on the outside.

But no Daddy and no sign of that OTHER voice.

I found another room with a table and another window, & saw Daddy, standing at the entrance to another room, looking at me with a smile. He knelt down & encouraged me toward bowls of food and water.

Happily I scampered in his direction, but was suddenly brought up short when a HUGE yellowish-orange wall of fur stepped from behind Daddy & blocked my path!

I skidded on the floor and fell on my rump! I looked up and said meekly, "hello"...

My first thought was, "Whoa, he's OLD!"

My 2nd thought was , "Mother of God help me! I'm dead!"

I stood back up & walked forward, offering another meek "hello"...

He stared at me for what seemed like forever, hissed "Why are you here? GO AWAY!! And SLAPPED me visciously upside the head in a blur of yellow so furious I was knocked skidding across the floor with him charging right for me!

Daddy quickly seperated us, grabbing my attacker by the scruff of the neck and tossing him in the bedroom and closing the door.

I was so dizzy and afraid that I couldn't stand. Daddy picked me up & petted me, muttering in my ear.

Calm again, I was set back on the floor & allowed to explore to my hearts' content.

That day Daddy started using one particular word to get my attention, for food, play, or just because he wanted to. I learned to recognize that word & to realize it always led to something good and pleasurable.

Although I didn't fully understand, yet, it seemed I'd acquired a name all my own...

For the next 3 weeks I was allowed out and about under Daddy's close supervision. I warily took advantage of this freedom to get used to my new surroundings.

I discovered that while I could climb onto the couch, I couldn't get on tables and chairs or even the window ledges, which was damn frustrating, especially since Daddy was not inclined to be of any help in this regard.

The other Cat and I warily kept our distance as much as possible. while I was curious about him, he didn't SEEM to want to have anything to do with me. The slightest thing would set him off, and he would gruffly say something mean to me, and slap me.

Just his yelling "BOO!" if I even looked in his direction was enough to send me running to find a place to hide, his laughter ringing in my ears...

I learned very quickly that his food and water bowls, and litter box, were off limits and getting too close was liable to earn me a slap if he was nearby.

So, a month into my new life and home, I was settling in more or less satisfactorily, memories of my Mother & siblings were beginning to fade a little, although late at night soimetimes, when I'd least expect it, I'd let out a wimper for my Mother.

Awakening to my cries, but not knowing what I was saying, Daddy would pull me close, & pet me back to sleep.


At the foot of the bed, a Battle-Scarred Old Warrior sat and watched.....

If it's All the Same to You I'd Rather be Inside!

Hmmm... This wasn't exactly how I'd planned on coming out of my writer's block and start contributing to Daddy's blog, but here goes.

Hello, I'm NIKITA, Daddy's headed off to work, my housemate MAXIMUS is sleeping under the bed, and the Cartoon Network isn't showing TOM and JERRY or TOP CAT reruns, so what's a bored cat to do?

I'm 4 years old, you know, and except for when I was born, and before Daddy and I met, I've been an Indoor Cat the whole time.

Until yesterday, I think I'd spent only 3 days worth of time outside spread over the whole 4 years.

You see, I like to have a little fun on occasion, and so I dart past Daddy to go walking amongst the roses, and other plants along the walkway next to our front door.

These brief escapes into the open air have the added benefit of giving Daddy an exercise workout, and helps him hone his tracking, and pouncing skills.

I nibble on a leaf, Daddy pounces...

I dart away under a rose bush, Daddy scrambles after me, cursing through the garden...

After about 10 minutes Daddy finally catches me (or so I let him think), and back into the house I go.

Well, yesterday started out as usual, then went to hell in a handbasket in no time flat.

When Daddy took his bike outside I made my move, and went about contentedly wandering amongst the roses.

I let my attention wander and after 10 minutes and still no Daddy lumbering after me, I head back to the porch.

The bike was gone! The doors were shut!

I called out: "Hey Maximus, come to the window!!"

The youngster peeks out and says: "Oh, THERE you are! What are you doing outside? Daddy's gone to work."

"I know he's gone to work" I reply, "I guess I'll be out here for the day. Don't you go eating all the food because I'll be starved when he gets home."

Well, I decide to make the best of it and check out my surroundings. Maybe that black cat I spotted the other day would come by.

I go around back, but quickly change my mind about exploring when the 2 huge Dogs next door come mindlessly running and yelling incoherently straight for the fence.

You'd think they'd never held an intelligent conversation before by the way they acted, much less seen another cat. Sheesh!

Some Dogs just have no breeding, brains, or language skills. My old friend the Possum, now there was a great conversationalist! I wonder what ever happened to him. I miss his stopping by the porch occasionally.

Anyway, I went back around front, and suddenly I needed to use the litter box.

I soon realized there were none outside and that i'd have to go without .

This was embarrassing. I ended up several times throughout the day squating under a bush as far out of sight from prying eyes as I could manage.

It was now 2 hours since Daddy left and this wasn't fun anymore. I went and lay on the porch for a few hours, then went walking throught the yard awhile.

When the other human tenants came up the walk, I hid.

I lay amongst the roses a while, and slept some more.

Finally I hear the familiar sound of Daddy's bike down the street & perk up!

He pulls up to the porch, and goes into the house, and I scramble after him trying to get his attention...

A few minutes later he opens the door and I look up at him happily, and he scoops me into his arms, and in relief we give each other a hug...

Next time I sneak out I'll make sure he ain't going anywhere when I do, trust me!

When Daddy's Away, a Cat Will Go Exploring

When I come home from wherever my excursions away from home take me (even work) I can count on my older cat, NIKITA, being perched in the living room window, meowing up a storm in celebration of my return. :-)

I'm so used to it that, sometimes, I don't notice him before he jumps to the floor out of sight until I enter the house.

So when I enter, this evening, and he's not there, and the younger one, MAXIMUS, is a bit more eager to follow me around than usual I look around and notice only 1 cat.

My first thought was to check my bedroom closet because he likes to lay in there. No cat.

I then check the litter boxes to see if he was taking an extra long dump. No cat.

I check MY Loo. Maybe he slipped in there before I left in the morning. No cat.

Meanwhile MAXIMUS is following me around with what looks all the world to me like a proud look on his face ( I know where he is Daddy, I know!!! I know!!! ). :-)

I finally turn and look at him (standing by the front door) and ask, "Ok Genius, where the heck is he then?"

A light bulb goes on over my head and I open the door to find Indiana PussyCat himself sitting next to my bike on the porch, and looking up at me with an expectant look on his face, as if to say "It's about time you got home, Daddy. I was running out of things to do, I'm hungry and, finding a bit of privacy out here in the open to take a leak has been a major pain in the rear!"

Well, I'm glad to see you too, you rogue! Sheesh!

I reach down, and pick him up for a hug, and he purrs happily in return.

I toss him on the living room floor and he dashes off to the food bowl as if he hasn't been fed for a week. :-)

I wonder what he did all day? Maybe if I leave the computer on when I go to bed, or when I go out for a bit in the morning, he'll get on it and come here and explain himself. :-)

If this little escapade doesn't shake him loose a little from his writers block, nothing will. :-)

You Adore Your Pussy, Admit it!

You play with your pussy day and night.

You stroke your pussy whenever the mood strikes you.

You comb your pussy's hair and check for fleas once a month.

You talk to your pussy.

You buy things for your pussy at the drop of a hat.

You brag about your pussy to anyone and everyone.

You even show your pussy off to anyone and everyone as well.

You then smile with pride and contentment when folks compliment you on your pussy.

Some of you even have more than one pussy.

Well, your pussy accepts all this with a sometimes soft, sometimes loud, and very contented Purrr....

When it's not ignoring your attentions, in the first place, that is!

What? YOUR pussy doesn't Purr?

Um, excuse me, Dearie, but just WHAT in the heck did you think I was talking about here? Huh? :-)

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Tales From the Litter Box: A New Beginning

In the late summer of 1998 I made my first foray onto internet message boards on THE HOWLING WOLVES board at the now defunct ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY message boards.

My first posts were memorable ones, as was the first post of my then nearly 6 month old cat  NIKITA, who became much loved, under the user name HOKIE, by all who conversed with him & read his more than 30 posts over the next 2 1/2 years.

He mostly wrote his memoirs, until one day he got a severe case of writers block from which he has yet to recover.

Have no fear, he still lurks & reads when I'm not home, and I still hope that one day he will post again.

He & my other cat, the year old MAXIMUS, are nearly identical looking tabbies with black hair mixed with  gray, and white stripes and white paws and belly. They are not related, and are both fixed.

The big question for this evening is: Is MAXIMUS crazy?

There he was, yet again, sitting there slapping the heck out of the living room window with his front right paw.

Each time i would look over at him he'd pause and look at me as if to say, "What are you lookin' at? Ain't you never seen a cat scratch at a window before?"

Well, to be honest, no. NIKITA has never done it, just you, you lovable little oddball.

I haven't been able to figure out yet if he sees something outside or is just slapping his reflection in the window. :-)

Crazy cat.