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January 05, 2003

Can't We All Get Along?


Late one Saturday night I was riding my bike on a street 4 blocks from my home, lights on and everything, when someone in a passing car, apparently not amused by the "One Less Car" slogan on the back of my shirt, thought it would be hilarious to stick a hand out the window and give me a shove.

To that someone: I was not amused, and if I had been going faster than 5 mph chances are good I would have lost control of my trusty steed and not be in any shape to write anything. I could even have been killed.

In the America of the New Millenium the Culture of the Car rules and there are some who consider bicyclists a nuisance hindering their use of the road and wouldn't be caught on a bike even if their life depended on it.

When some people think of bicyclists at all they think of the popular sport of Mountain Biking.

Wake up and take notice of the long overdue proliferation of Bike Lanes on the streets of your community, Bike Paths in your parks, on your beaches, along abandoned Railroad Right-of-ways and along the river channels to the sea. Many major Transit Agencies allow access by bike as well.

Bicyclists ride to work, and for pleasure, and belong to riding clubs. Many car owners also own bikes as well.

I have even discovered that there are activist groups made up of volunteers out to promote cycling, the developement of safe places and conditions for cycling, and to look out for the rights of cyclists to enjoy their hobby with pride.

The goal of these groups is to improve the bicycling environment, and the quality of life, in their communities.

I ride my bike all over 4 counties, 20-60 miles a trip, just for the fun and exercise, and camera in tow, to see what there is to see.

I do not want to chase you off the road, dear driver. I just ask that you please move over a bit and share the road with me.

In fact, better yet, won't you please leave your jalopy in the garage, occasionally, and join me on the Bike Path?

Don't be afraid to be "One More Cyclist".

Who knows, you might even enjoy it. :-)

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I just stumbled upon your site while looking for bike path maps for my nephew who is visiting me here so he can train for international cycling competition.

He is looking for long course paths, and mountain ones, also.

I am in the Covina area in 91722 zip code thanks for your attention, and help


Posted by: josee | Feb 11, 2006 10:08:36 AM

Hi Josee!
I have suggestions for Routes.
1. The San Gabriel River Bike Trail begins near where Highway 39 ( San Gabriel Canyon Rd. ) starts going up into the mountains above Azusa on the north side of the road near a Ranger Station.

It goes south, over 40 miles, to the Beach in Long Beach.

2. Highway 39 is a good ride into the mountains, and you can ride on a special trail along the West Fork River, or ride along the East Fork Rd. past Follow's camp ( a good place to eat ) as well.

3. The Rio Hondo/ LA River Bike Trail begins in Peck Road Community Park on Peck, south of Live Oak Ave. in El Monte/Irwindale.
It goes West/South around 30 miles to the Beach in Long Beach.

4. The Santa Ana River Bike Trail goes 30 miles or so from the Green River Golf Course, in Corona,
West/South to the Beach in Huntington Beach where it connects with a trail north along the coast, 10 miles to Seal Beach.

5. My Bike Ride in the San Gabriel Mountains ( See my "Riding Los Angeles County" Archive. ) a few years ago is a great ride.

Posted by: Kiril Kundurazieff | Feb 13, 2006 12:07:30 PM

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