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May 25, 2003

Cycling Dude Settles into New Home

On May 9th I moved into my new apartment in Costa Mesa, Ca., and have spent the last couple of weeks settling in to my new surroundings.

Part of that process has been getting out and riding the streets, bike lanes, and bike trails in my immediate area.

I took a 23 mile jaunt that I will write about soon, and as part of that ride I discovered a well known treasure of a bike trail practically at my back door.

This shorter ride has quickly become a regular morning routine for me, and as a taste of the type of writing I now plan to get back to immediately here, here is a brief description of this mornings ride:

One of the things I've discovered this past week that has given me new found energy to start the day, and to get my behind back into gear for more frequent blogging, is the Bike Trail around the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Preserve.

My bike ride, starting from my home, is almost 13 miles round trip, and takes an hour and 15 min. (barring distractions such as stopping to talk with morning exercisers, or grabbing a bagel).

8 of those miles are on a trail that winds its way around the Bay, from the NW to the east, south, and southwest along trail, and bike lanes.

The Bay is beautiful, peaceful, cool, and calm early in the morning ( 7-830am ) with only other cyclists, and some walkers, and joggers as company.

Of course, in addition to us humans, and the dogs some folks take for their walks, creatures of the animal kingdom abound here. In addition to all sorts of birds, I have seen squirrels, and today, bunny rabbits.

Those bunnies are brave souls, let me tell you, to dare to cross the road with all of us cyclists whizzing by at 15 miles an hour.

If one of us ran over one of the little critters, no doubt some lawyer for PETA would haul us into court for reckless driving, or something, and try to wiggle out of explaining why their client didn't stop, and look both ways, before crossing the road.

I thought bunnies were more intelligent than chickens..... :-)

The highlight of this mornings trek, though, had a Scottish tinge to it.

There I am pedalling along when suddenly the haunting sounds of a bagpipe come to me across the Bay.

Thinking I was imagining things I stopped to listen......


I continued on, and stopped when I heard it again.

This time I waited, and was rewarded with the sound coming across the bay along the road I was traveling down.

It was beautiful. The melodies were familiar, but I couldn't put a name to the tunes.

As I pedalled onward, listening as I went, i finally saw the player, walking along the side of the road toward me.

I stopped to watch, and when he came abreast I engaged him in a brief conversation, telling him I enjoyed his playing.

Seems he's a fireman who takes his instrument out for occasional walks along the Bay, to air it out, and give it something to do other than sit unused at home.

I'm sure anyone along the Bay today, and any day he's there, is mighty grateful that he does so. :-)

(If he sees this post, I hope he will leave a comment telling us the names of the tunes he was playing, as I forgot to ask him)

So, fellow cyclists, today is the dawn of a new day around here as I finally get back to posting regularly and to riding my bike for more than a commute to work.

Welcome to my world.....

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