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March 06, 2005

Spread the word thru Cycling Dude: The Flyer

A few weeks ago I parlayed a $10 gift card from the Copy Center ar Staples into the 1st batch of 400, 1 PAGE ( when properly sized, and centered ), flyers designed to help spread the word about The Cycling Dude.

My Business Cards were proving a hit, and so I'd begun to ponder the idea of a flyer that could not only be put in Bike Shops, but in other places where free flyers were allowed to be displayed, such as libraries, and coffee shops, bulletin boards, and such.

Call these endeavors the latest steps in The Cycling Dudenization Of America. :-)

What follows is what I designed, and if anyone wishes to copy, and print it, and then pass it around their community, by all means have at it!

Let me know, by e-mail, where in the country, or the world, you are located, and a word will be mentioned here. 

There is a ton of useful information worthy of a bicyclists attention, and that is what this blog, and its collection of links, is trying to spread the word about.

I can tell you that I was shocked, and not a bit overwhelmed, by what happened witht he 1st batch of 25 that I left at my local bike shop, Sea Schwinn ( A Two Wheels One Planet Store ), at 420 E. 17th Street, here in Costa Mesa, Ca..

I left them on March 2nd, figuring on restocking at the end of the month.

When I went to the store this morning, to buy a map, I was shocked to learn that all the fliers were gone, and they were interested in getting more!

It turns out that instead of leaving the fliers with the other free literature, the Manager was having employees pass the fliers out with each sale.

I went home, and returned with 75 more fliers. :-)

Here are contents of the Flier ( Since Updated, in Late June 2005, to reflect my move from Costa Mesa to Santa Ana, Ca. as of July 1st ):

LIVE! From Santana, Near the Orange Crush!

More Stimulating BikeBlogging!

THE CYCLING DUDE: America's #1 BikeBlog Since January 2003!


Do U Bicycle?

A Unique American Blog dedicated to the proposition that Recreational Road Bike riding, and touring, is good for you and fun!

Includes Commentary, events, links, news, opinion, reviews, stories, and travelogues (from Ca., and elsewhere), about road cycling, from across the USA, and all around the world. An ordinary cyclist spreads the word, and the word is… BICYCLE!

1. Bicycle Shops: The Elder Statesmen (And Women!) – A growing list of links to Bike Shops, open since before 1941, with an online presence.

2. Bicycle Clubs of Southern California.

3. California Advocacy.

4. California Route Info.: Plus MY various Ride Archives ( Updated as I complete a ride! ).

5. Ca., and US, Tourist and Visitor Bureau Lists.

6. National Bicycle Route Network.

7. The People's Bicyclists: US Congress and U.K.

8. Attended, and Un-Attended, Parking Facilities.

9. Bicycling Info.

10. Bicycling History and Science.

11. US and UK Links: Bike Month, Bike Week, and Bike to Work Day.

12. International Advocacy, and Informational Links.

13. National Advocacy.

14. Cycle USA: Clubs, State Advocacy, and Trail Promotion Links (49 States and DC!).

15. Community Magazines (CA. and Selected Others).

16. Cycling Blogs, Journals, etc...

17. Critical Mass: Keeping an often critical, and supportive, eye on this worldwide movement.

18. Bicycle Friendly Mass Transit.

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Good stuff! Keep it up.

Pedal ON!!

We old guys have to keep moving!

Me? I'm just an old mountain biker havin' fun and stayin' healthy... and I want to help others do the same.



Posted by: Jack Jenkins | May 18, 2005 4:22:41 PM

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