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May 07, 2005

A letter to the Green Party

All this writing has made me hungry.

But before I head off to dinner I wrote a letter to the Co-Directors, a few others, of the Green Party bringing to their attention this weeks events as reported earlier.

My hope is to get a different response to my coverage of the story of the Greens support for Critical Mass.

Afterall, I'm just a harmless little fuzzball with a blog...

What harm could it do to respond?  :-D

Attn: Co-Chairs and other Officers:
Dear fellow folks with an interest in Bicycling,

My name is Kiril Kundurazieff.

I am a BikeBlogger who lives in Costa Mesa Ca., and I am a Conservative.

Don't laugh, that's not a contradiction. :-D

I was very interested, earlier in the week, to read of the Green Party's support of Critical Mass, the leaderless, worldwide, effort to spread the Gospel of Bicycling to the car addled masses.

Well, as you can imagine I thought this would make for a good entry on my Blog.

I also thought that it would be interesting to get a response from the Green Party.

So I wrote your 2 Media Co-ordinators.

One ignored my e-mail, but the other wrote a response that has led to a series of back and forths that led me, in the end, to delve deeper into your website.

I am writing you because I have no idea if my correspondent has passed any of my e-mails along to any of you.

What follows are my postings on these events, complete, as of this afternoon.

It's a lot to read, granted, so pace yourself, if you decide to read it all, but I think you will find the effort worth it, entertaining, and very interesting. :-D

My Blog is called The Cycling Dude.

Even if you choose not to read everything presented here, at least look at this explanation of what my blog is all about.

I, and my readership, would be interested in any individual responses, or even just an "official" response from the "Green Party" ( by e-mail, or as a posted comment to each entry ).

Ignoring, or belittling, those who disagree, or disapprove, of your stances, and who you choose to associate the Party with, will not make us go away.


I'm just a harmless little fuzzball.

I won't bite...

Well, not too hard, any way. :-D

( Links to all 5 stories inserted here )

Mr. Kiril Kundurazieff

I look forward to hearing from them.

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