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May 03, 2005

Green Party turns Red as it angrily defends Critical Mass

With a headline breathlessly proclaiming "Bikers are not criminals", the national Green Party comes out, last month, in support of Critical Mass claiming it's defending only the humble Bicyclist.

Green leaders spoke out against efforts by law enforcement to target Critical Mass, defending cyclists' right to assemble.

This has nothing to do with the efforts, or lack of them, of a city to become more Bicycle Friendly.

Greens called the suppression of Critical Mass and a recent New York City lawsuit to gag Times Up, a nonprofit organization that has mentored Critical Mass, part of a larger campaign to criminalize protest.

Aside from the question of what is Time's Up doing "mentoring" a  supposedly leaderless movement there is the question  of what the Green Party thinks of those elements who participate in CM'S with the intent of doing things that cause the cops to reign the event in before, or after, things get out of hand?

This is not "suppression", but prudent Law Enforcement when done the right way, for the right reasons, by the Cops, and using the actions of a few bad apples to condemn police response doesn't change that fact.

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This is my big problem with CM. I support the rights of bicyclists to peacably assemble. When I attended CM in Philadelphia, there were all sorts of folks pushing causes that I don't necessarily agree with. What does "Free Mumia Abdul Jamal" have to do with cycling and taking back the streets for everyone? This is why anti-war protests are almost invisible. The sort of mainstream middle-of-the road folks who are against the war want to talk about ending an unpopular war, not be associated with the dozens of pile-on causes who want to use the media spotlight as their stage.

Posted by: fixedgear | May 6, 2005 5:42:00 AM

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