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May 07, 2005

Greens Media Man: Debate not worth my time

Well, this is getting interesting.

I wrote a response to Mr. McLarty:

Dear Scott,

Would it suprise you to know that I KNEW what your response would be before I sent the heads up?

Hardly anyone who supports CM has responded, even in a limited fashion, to anything I've reported on, so I didn't expect that to change with a national political party, and any of its representatives.

Did you even pass my letter on to others up the chain, or just trash it?

No response.....

I wonder why?

I, and others with more resources, and contacts, won't go away just because we are ignored.

We will continue to report on, and write about, Critical Mass, and if participants, and supporters, wish to continue ignoring, or white-washing the aspects of the movement we report about that are so disturbing then so be it.

I'll report that fact as well.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Kiril Kundurazieff

The response I next received was even more instructive than the 1st one.

Here is how Mr. McLarty responded:

Dear Kiril

I get lots of responses to press releases and
can't deal with or forward all of them, since I
have a big pile of other work to do.

What's clear from your note is that you've
already made up your mind about Critical Mass.
Since we in the Green Party have already made up
our own minds, and it's obvious that you're
unlikely to join the Green Party, further debate
isn't worth the time I'd have to put into it,
even if I wanted to.

But I am forwarding this note to a few other
Greens, to show them the kind of messages I get

Have another nice day.


Now, you KNOW I'd have to respond to THIS. :-D

His whole attitude has been dismissive from the start.

It appears he doesn't know what to think of a Blogger, or if he understands that a Blogger, while alternative media, can still be useful as a way to get a message out, much less how to deal with someone who is interested in hearing why the Green Party feels the way it does about something, or supports some "Movement", and politely goes about trying to get that answer.

Or maybe he DOES understand, and is concerned that too many folks will be turned off by the Green Party's support, and defense, of Critical Mass.

While I understand, and can apreciate the number of responses he gets to Press Releases, here he is getting a response from someone with a keen interest in the recreational/commuting activity that the "Movement" his Party has expressed support for is using to forward various agendas, not some reporter from CNN, or Fox, with no Dog in this Hunt.

Whle MY audience is, admittedly, miniscule, compared to the above, it IS an audience with a keen interest in Bicycling, and Bicycling related issues.

I would think that such an audience deserves some attention, and respect.

In my next post I will share my reply to Mr. McLarty.

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