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May 08, 2005

Still We Ride: A CM bikeblog

While doing my last story I stumbled across a BikeBlog to add to the collection of CM related links.

The writer, whose real 1st name is apparently Mike, goes by the name stillweride, and the 4 month old Blog is almost, but not quite, all Time's Up, all Critical Mass, all the time.

What caught my attention was its reprinting of a NY Times story about the recent CM event, that is more detailed, and interesting than the other 3 combined.

It is highly recommended for what it says about CM, good, and bad, and for how even the Paper of Record can do the Straddle in an attempt not to show too much favoritism to one side or the other on a highly charged issue.

Still we get reported on.

Then there was this enlightening report of the ride itself, by stillweride, that trumps the whole lot:

To break up the "lambs for the slaughterness" of Union Square and to able to just ride and try and formulate a mass, a group of people meet 3 weeks back and came up with the idea to have three other meeting spots besides Union Square. These were Madison Park at 23rd and Broadway, Washington Square Park and Tompkins Square Park. The idea was to flyer for these four spots, give people a choice of where they wanted to meet and then use text messaging and try and coordinate linking up the various groups. I went to Washington Square Park and waited with about 20 people. There were 3-5 obvious under cover cops at each location who seemed on low alert (excluding Union square) I got the impression that Union Square was still the big prize and the other meeting spots would just be checked on by helicopter which constantly circled from over head.

Remember, CM is leaderless, unorganized, and unplanned. :-D

Still we ride, still the cops act like morons.

It's troubling to see bicyclists not involved in the ride get caught up in the arrests, but what's just as troubling, though, are the reports of immature, and dangerous, cop behavior in dealing with CM, and similar behavior from participants in rides.

To better understand CM, those who promote it, and even what's going on in NY, from the perspective of those who participate, I highly  recommend reading thru the 1st 4 months of postings.

The writing, and reporting, is most enlightening, and the poster/flyer art, and photography is fantastic, and just as enlightening.

Take a 2nd look at the "Still we ride" piece in case you missed the comments:

2 in particular:

#1-- great report, mike! without imc, your reporting matters so much more.

just one suggestion to help get the word out: is there a link to your blog on the time's up web page?


#2-- Time's Up has not linked this to their site. I would say that is ok for now because of the trying not to link TU with critical mass. I am just a friendly citizen giving my observations and opinions...nudge nudge wink wink.

There was very good communication being used on the ride, very reliable. Besides Time's Square is a known CM hotspot, I assume the cops were just predicting our habits.

I say we always keep them guessing.


At the risk of boring you, dear reader, let me repeat myself: Remember, CM is leaderless, unorganized, and unplanned. :-D

Check out the great story about CM, Portland, and the Mayor.

And, the Manifesto of a bunch of charming lawbreakers calling themselves the  Bicycle-Riders Freedom Front.

Lawbreakers give law-abiding cyclists a bad name, period.

On this Blog you will find things to like, and dislike, about CM, about the cops, and about the glorious city of New York itself.

One thing that is really disappointing is the total lack of a collection of useful links for bicyclists.

Not even a collection of Critical Mass, or other fellow travellers, links. :-D

Here's hoping I'm given the same thorough going over as I just completed, and The Cycling Dude becomes the 1st. :-D


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