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September 12, 2005

Mississippi River Trail Director responds to Dude Letter

This morning I have received the following from the Executive Director of Mississipi River Trails:

Dear Mr. Kundurazieff:

My name is Terry Eastin and I am the Executive Director of MRT, Inc.  I am responding to congratulate you on your idea and your desire to help the cycling victims of Katrina. 

At this point, efforts that I am aware of, to marshall cyclists into a help group have not occurred.

Our organization is looking into planning a green infrastructure program to assist with the redevelopment of trails and trail systems from New Orleans to the coast. 

It is preliminary to discuss this effort, yet.

In fact, until the waters have receded it is difficult to know how to help our sister organizations and cyclists in general. 

My understanding is the city's entire transportation system is in terrible disarray meaning that a comprehensive program will need to be developed to bring everything back on line. 

This said, I will be happy to forward your message to others in our system and thanks for the information.

Terry Eastin

E.D., MRT, Inc.   

Check out the website, and let the MRT know that you support efforts to rebuild, after the hurricane, and wish them luck in any such efforts.

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