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November 15, 2005

Left pedal of Political Bicycle ignores Right

Just ignore him, and the little Right-wing Parasite will just go away!

Heh, heh, it ain't that simple.

In an effort at dialog I sent Chris Carlsson, self- described as having helped "create and maintain Critical Mass over the years", a polite heads up ( with links ) to my essay the other day.

Dear Chris,

I am a Bike Blogger, and as such am an opinionated soul ( especially when it comes to Critical Mass ) always looking for cycling stories to share with my readers, and pontificate on.

And so I stumbled upon your essay in IndyBay on the 13th anniversay of CM.

Needless to say I had to respond to it. ;-D

Sincerely yours,

A fellow cyclist, both recreational, and commuting,

As much as I had hopes that Chris would defend his words, and defend the movement he claims a part in sheparding through the years, I must admit that his response was no suprise to me.

Hi Kiril,
thanks for tipping me off about your "dissection"... doesn't really excite me to get into it with you, but hope you find your fellow conservatives and voters and Americans are with you in your thoughts...
Wow! That's tellin' him, Chris!

Just ignore him, and the little Right-wing Parasite will just go away. ;-D

Sorry, it ain't that easy. ;-D

If I had his attitiude I'd never have put links to CM on my Blog, allowing readers to judge the movement themselves, and decide if they want to participate, or found something nice to say about Time'e Up in NY.

I've been threatening for months to really start checking out CM websites, but never had the time.

I think it's time I start digging in.

Attitudes such as his are the rule among CM activists, it seems, and need to be exposed.

If they think that only like minded people read their websites, and writings, then they are sadly mistaken.

If they expect people who disagree with them will let their antics, and diatribes, go un-noticed, un-remarked upon, and dissected, then they are sadly mistaken.

At least 1 dissenter has, and plans to do more. ;-D

Right-wingers ride bicycles, too.

We do it for recreation, and commuting.

There are no doubt Conservative Cycling Activists.

Concern about Bicycling Issues is not, and should not be, the sole province of the Radicals of the Political Left.

The sad thing is that CM has probably accomplished a few good things for cycling over the years, but those things have gotten obscured by the Leftist Politics.

As shown in my last post I'm not the only person, Right or Left, who has found reason to be concerned about Critical Mass, and through a link on the Talk Fast Website, to a member named Hugh D'Andrade, I found that in 2003 a writer, in a powerful Alternative Weekly no less, voiced some of my own concerns.

The Committee for Full Enjoyment responded, and it is a response worth your time.

Since Hugh does not think it neccessary, or important, to have a current, active, link to the article he dissects I had to go find it myself. ;-D

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I guess I never really thought of you as "right wing." Or "left wing" for that matter -- I've just thought of you as a blogging cyclist. It DOES seem that most cyclists who are active in online forums and blogging tend to lean left on many political issues.

Posted by: Fritz | Nov 15, 2005 5:30:25 PM

And so I am.

But a Moderately Conservative one....

Well, actually, I'm an ex-Moderate Democrat, who jokingly calls himself a Republicrat.

So I guess that makes me a recovering Demopublican. ;-D

>It DOES seem that most cyclists who are active in online forums and
>blogging tend to lean left on many political issues.

Noooo kidding. ;-D

And the fact that there's a cycling blogger who disagrees with them, well, that's gonna bug some folks no end. ;-D.

My blog is all bicycling, links and all, and that makes me different from most cycling bloggers, who post about other things on their blogs.

Political Activism, even Lobbying, for the cause of bicycling is all well and good, but if I find something I disagree with I'm going to say so. ;-D

If the Left is going to bring politics into their cycling activism, I'm going to write about it, and the same with a BikeBlogger.

I'd do the same for the Right.

In fact, since all the blogs in my other blogs blogroll are Rightwingers that one series I'm doing just might uncover some rightwing diatribe against Cyclists that I can dissect, and take exception to. ;-D

The fact that these people prefer to ignore me, in the hopes I'll go away, and refuse to defend themselves speaks volumes.

Posted by: Kiril Kundurazieff | Nov 16, 2005 2:12:11 AM

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