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November 07, 2005

Riding with Lance Armstrong, yet NOT riding WITH him

Without question Lance Armstrong has done much for Cycling in the last 7 years.

He has participated in cycling events for various causes, and rode with the ordinary cyclist for miles.

Just how close, though, can the regular cyclist get to him at some of these events is an interesting question.

He IS a celebrity afterall, and a commodity whose corporate sponsors need to keep safe, and uninjured, for the next Big Bike Race ( or they did before he retired ).

In  Sept. Jonathan Maus, of Bike Portland, got his Media Credentials allowing him a chance to report on such an event, the LiveStrong Ride, and shared his experiences, complete with photos.

In preperation he asked his readers what questions they would ask Lance if they had a chance.

Seems he had expectations of being able to ask a question or 2. ;-D

Then reality hit. ;-D

With regards to how close you can get to Lance Jonathan writes:

It was my first big bike event as “authorized media” and I made the most of it by hanging out with Lance all day. OK, OK, I’m just kidding. Actually it was quite the opposite. We were officially warned to not get closer than 12 feet from him or we would be banned from future Lance events. I’m not kidding. The PR person actually read this to us in an “official memo”. Isn’t that weird? But I guess that’s what happens when you’re bigger than the Pope and Michael Jackson combined. So, I’m sorry I didn’t get to ask any of your great questions.

Read  the rest of this interesting story to get the scoop on the event.

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Just saying hi! I'm a big Lance fan, but, then again, aren't we all?

Posted by: Jill | Nov 8, 2005 1:53:58 AM

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