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December 05, 2005

Announcing Innaugural Tour de Bicycling Blogs

I have been thinking about this for a year:

Is there enough interest in the Bicycling Niche of the Blogosphere to warrent attempting a Tour de Bicycling Blogs, or forming a League, or Association [ League of American BikeBloggers ( LABB ), or International League of BikeBlogs ( ILOBB ) ? ]

In the 3 years since I began The Cycling Dude the number of BikeBlogs has grown tremendously, and the quality of writing, and reporting, is uniformally good, and interesting.

I check out the ones in my blogroll, and link, on occasion, to stories I find interesting, we all do.

But, many cyclists are unaware of us, and even more non-cyclists are also unaware.

Heck, we don't even know how many of us there are, for that matter. ;-D

What led me to write this is the response of N. Z. Bear, founder of the Ecosystem, to a comment I left incorporating the comments of Fritz, and I, here:

Bear replied:


A valid point on how 'niche' blogs fit in. One answer is that is exactly the issue that the Communities are meant to address. I'd love to see a "cycling" community defined, which would then provide a way for the best cycling blogs to get noticed within their sphere.

Right now, I'm way behind on setting up new communities, but once I get through the backlog of directly Ecosystem-related support requests, I'll be setting up a bunch of new ones...

So here goes:

I am announcing the Innaugural TOUR DE BICYCLING BLOGS.

Point 1: A Pure BIKEBLOG is one that devotes its whole content to bicycling related subjects.

Point 2: There are many Bloggers, including 1 or 2 in my blogroll, who write a lot on their bicycling interests, and may even include a list of links to cycling interests, but that is only one aspect of their blogging, and therefore they don't consider themselves BikeBloggers.

Participation is open to  all  BikeBloggers, regardless of  whether they are Industry Insiders, Journalists, Activists, or ordinary cyclists like me.

Regardless of whether you are a Racer, Roadie, Tourer, MTBer, low to the road in a Recumbent, or into it for recreational, or commuting, reasons.

The point of this is to let your fellow cyclists know of you, and let the wider Bloggerverse, and the many people who are in it who enjoy Bicycling know of us, and our stories, and resources.

If I get enough responses from bicyclists in the rest of the Blogosphere, but who are not Bikebloggers, then I'll have a section devoted to their contributions as well.


Send me the required info on your best, or at least most interesting, 2 Blog Entries, for the Month of December. ( 2 seems like a manageble number until I see the response, then I may accept just 1 )

I must recieve them by Midnight PST on December 31st.

The Innaugural Edition of The Tour de Bicycling Blogs will debut on the 2nd Friday of January ( YES, I know that's the 13th, just work with me here, okay ).

If there is sufficient intererest then the 2nd Edition will be accepting entries by Midnight January 31st. for publication on the 2nd Friday of February, etc...


The 1st choice:

This Blog is Listed at BlogCarnival.com.

Submit your blog articles to “Tour de Bicycling blogs” by using this carnival submission form. Past posts and future dates can be found on the Tour blog carnival index page.

***NOTE: June 2006 - The above link is temporarily innactive due to lack of interest, thus leading to a change in direction for the Tour.***

The 2nd Choice:

Provide me the following ( send to: sneakeasyusa-at-hotmail.com )

YOUR NAME as it appears on your Blog, and/or Blog Entries







Don't forget the Trackbacks not just when sending me your entries, but if you link to each months Carnival, or to ANY fellow cyclists post, because it lets folks know you read their work, and tells them you are out there for them to check out as well.

***12/10 - NOTE***

If you are still confused, and at least 2 people have shown confusion so far, then read my reply to Fritz for an aswer that incorporates a bit of Blogosphere History.

***END NOTE***

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Hey Kiril, sorry I haven't mentioned this yet, but I have to admit I don't quite "get it." Is this something like a link ring -- a big comprehensive list of bicycling blogs?

Posted by: Fritz | Dec 10, 2005 1:10:37 PM

Hi Fritz

Seems you, and BicycleEye, have the same misconception. ;-D

He submitted his WHOLE, magnificent, Blog for inclusion. ;-D

Several years ago, a popular, and respected Blogger, thought of a way to spread the word about all the great writing, thinking, and reporting out there in the Blogosphere, that goes un-noticed.

Hence the birth of The Carnival of the Vanities, now with over 170 weekly editions under its belt.

The idea is that interested people would submit their single best recent post, or an interesting one they want to bring atention to, to him for inclusion in a "Round-up post" with each piece being introduced, and linked to, trackbacks, and all.

Contributors, and readers, would then link, and TB back, if they were so inclined to do so, thus spreading the word far and wide among Blog readers everywhere.

Eventually the event became so popular that he farmed out the hosting duties to interested bloggers, and this month will be handing over management of his baby to a new person.

The rest is history, as they say, and 150 offspring, on just as many subjects, and interests, have sprouted up.

I've participated in many, and hosted the Best of Me Symphony ( share you best OLD posts, thus giving them new life. ) twice.

Look at it this way:

There is a need for us to get the word out to each other, and to the rest of the Blogosphere, about the existence of a growing Pelaton of BikeBlogs, and also, this is a great way for BikeBloggers to say "Hey, I'm over here!", and for everyone to discover new, and interesting Blogs.

Right now, only a small number of folks know of your new Awards idea, and between us all just how many DIFFERENT BikeBlogs DO we know about without consulting some Directory? ;-D

A year from now, I hope the Tour will have gained a following of its own, and others will be interested in guest hosting from time to time, but we shall see.

Posted by: Kiril, The Cycling Dude | Dec 10, 2005 2:21:07 PM

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