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February 03, 2006

A Sorcerer of Patyrical Pathos and Dynamic Panopolism says RIDE

I have no idea what the hell that means, but someone described the contents of a book by the writer of the story, and website, I'm about to recommend, using them, so I figured that would get readers ATTENTION. ;-D

The Health, Beauty, and Fitness issue of the Alternative, to the OTHER Los Angeles Alternative Weekly, CITY BEAT, hits the stands today, and one of the cover stories is a must read for anyone interested in cycling, especially anyone thinking about joining the fun for the 1st time.

Cole Coonce begins his essay by relating how being acquainted with a fat LA Rocker, turned fit Cyclist, with rides to Seattle, and New York under his belt, led to a decision that changed his life.

My jaw drops. Again. You could knock me over with a pair of Lycra shorts. But I keep my flabbergastation hidden and quiz Charlie about which highways he took across America to New York....

what I picked up on during that conversation changed my life. Charlie didn’t just exercise his body and drop a ton of cellulite, he also spent those epic cycling sojourns exercising another muscle: his mind. He stared down a failed relationship and regained his self-esteem and found the proverbial peace of mind.

He was not only building up his stamina, burning fat, fighting off diabetes, lowering stress, increasing his lung capacity, and strengthening and cleansing his entire cardiovascular system, he was firing off chemicals in his brain – the ones associated with bliss, joy, and euphony.

Although he did not articulate it this way, Charlie was telling me, in essence, that if you put in enough consecutive hours (or even quarter hours) on a bike, your body’s endorphins are gonna start crankin’ and your mind is going to reach a certain alpha state of omniscience – maybe what New Agers call “reaching a transcendental state.” In metaphysical terms, you are opening your Third Eye.

Since I wear Glasses, and thus have "4" eyes, in my case that must mean my "5th" Eye. ;-D

Cole says Cycling is like Prozac...

only, when it wears off, you don’t want to jump off of a bridge. It is like therapy, except you aren’t subjected to pseudo-intellectual condescension in the form of pop psychology buzzwords. It is like heroin, except you aren’t subjecting your internal organs to failure and you won’t set your house on fire because you nodded off with a lit cigarette.

Cycling as Therapy, an experence that can be used to clear the mind during a stressful time of ones life, or just to help focus you on anything going on in your life, at home, or at work.

I can relate to that: 2 of the BEST, and most EXHILERATING ( including the longest ) bike rides of my life came during difficult times in my, and the country's ( in one case ) life.

1. Pedaling the San Gabriel Mtns. ( 44 miles ).

2. Riding between Santa Monica and Malibu, including along Mulholland. ( 66 miles ).

Such rides tend to clear the sinuses, so to speak, when you come close to opening your "3rd Eye", or actually fell you did so.

I don't know about my "5th Eye" being opened, but those rides truly DID affect me.

Cole tells the story of how he began to follow the example of Charlie, and how this led to his conquering the road to Mt. Wilson every chance he got.

His description brought back the memories of my rides in the mountains, and make me eager to put my own plans for this year into action at the 1st opportunity.

It's been a while since my last really long, and challenging, ride, and it's about time for a few more.

As Cole writes:

I am now of the strident opinion that the more citizens take up cycling, the more the cottage industries of drug enforcement, healthcare, psychology, and serotonin re-uptake inhibitor manufacturing will take direct financial hits. You can plot the damage to their profit-to-earnings ratios in a directly inversely proportional scale to the amount that the average American lardass gets off the couch, gets away from the gridlocked highways, and climbs on a bicycle....

A- fuckin'- men, Brother!! ;-D

The world is a cyclists velodrome, and it is there for our amusement and benefit.

If Charlie, Cole, and I could conquer it, so can you!

Read the whole piece:

The World is your Velodrome -- One L.A. rocker says to all the disaffected in the underworld: Get on your bikes and ride! by Cole Coonce.

Check out Cole's cool Cycling Page for more great writing, and wonderful photos.

if you live in SoCal hunt down a copy of this weeks City Beat! You can find it, free, in many book, and music, stores, and other venues, in LA and Orange County.

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