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April 30, 2006

Rolling Ride in Anaheim Hills and Orange

I decided to just go out and ride today.

No real plan, no Official Route List for the blog post, or  having the ride start, and end, at the same place like the other rides.

It has been so long since I last shared a really good, long, ride here, that I felt I just needed to get back out there, and ... just ride, ya know?

So I took the Bus ( OCTA #'s 21, 25, 29, 33, 35, 37, 43, 47, 57, 53, 24, 71, 167, and 131 all connect with the #38 on La Palma Ave.  ) to the intersection of La Palma Ave. and Weir Canyon Rd. , at the border of Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills.

You can connect with the Santa Ana River Bike Trail, in Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills, this way, too.

I thought the 1 1/2 mile ride up Weir Canyon to an entrance to Weir Canyon Regional Park would be the only real up hill part of the ride.

Okay... so I was wrong.

I managed that with no problem, then looked west along Serrano Ave.


After a 1 1/2 mile climb that I, being a tad out of practice, found difficult enough to walk a stretch or 2 , the descent began.


The neigborhoods I had passed, and would subsequently pass, are upscale gated, and ungated, residential communities with views of the surrounding hills to die for in some spots.


For this shot I crossed the street to give you a look at the 1st of several downhills that made for a wonderful rolling ride down from the hills to the outskirts of Orange.

A cyclist will, at times, reach speeds over 25mph, or more, if not careful to manage the brakes, and hitting green on the few lights.

There is even a stretch with a 10% grade not long after passing the spot of the next photo.

This  whole section of the ride is nice if going south, and west, but you gotta be in good shape, and a tad nuts, to do the reverse. ;-D


What you are seeing above is a portion of the Nature Conservancy called the Santiago Oaks Regional Park ( Weir Canyon Regional Park is another part ), looking southwest toward the outskirts of Orange.

Serrano ended at Cannon St.

I had gone 6.66 miles by then. ( No wisecracks by the Peanut Gallery! )

At 7.33 miles I changed plans when I saw Cannon was going to go up, up, up, and apparently between 2 massive hills ( A later look at the map seems to have proved me wrong, though ).

I turned right onto Santiago Canyon Road instead and, at 7.62 miles came upon this at Hewes St.:


The Santiago Creek Recharge Basin.

I decided to go down Hewes to find an historic adobe, and while I found the place, and couldn't get a good picture, I also found a Bike Path started at the intersection with Rancho Santiago Blvd. so turned left to go down it.

I had visions of the thing going quite a distance, but was disappointed on several fronts.

Img_0022 The route lasts only a few blocks, and is in woeful need of re-paving, and flattening of all sorts of bumps, and cracks in the pavement.

What I saw next annoyed me, and probably goes a long way toward explaining why the route appears so unused, and is so neglected.


This stretch, past a school, and all the way to Chapman Ave., is a Bike Route, complete with marked lane.

The only problem is that cars are allowed to park in the street, blocking the lane, every day except Mondays between 7 and 11am for street sweeping!

Well, after that I reached Chapman Ave. and finished my ride a few blocks later at a bus stop ( OCTA #54 will connect with all the routes mentioned as connecting with the #38 except the 21, and 131. ) after going a total of 10 1/2 miles.

It took me 100 minutes. ;-D

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i used to live right at the top of serrano, on your left as you go up.... it had great views of the lake & all the way up to los angeles...

Posted by: growabrain | Jun 6, 2006 1:01:03 PM

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