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July 30, 2006

Welcoming a new BikeBlogger, from the Wilds of Chicago!

Bicycle Diaries is an interesting mix of things.

Books, Bicycles, and Isaiah Berlin.

Quite the combination for a new Blog, but that's what was born in May, in Chicago. ;-D

This Blogger's Bike Posts are why I've added him to the Blogroll, though he has education, politics, and culture on his mind as well.

If this is an indication of the type of BikeBlogging to come then this is a worthy addition to the Community. ;-D

Why Bikes?

Why Bikes? 2.

I Ride.

For those of you who have read my archives of posts on Critical Mass, and thus know what I think of the movement, here is are 2 interesting, welll thought out, essays, on Critical Mass in Chicago, that offers the perspective of someone obviously not of the extremist, Anarchist, wing of the movement.

Some thoughts on Critical Mass in Chicago.

Second Thoughts.

Nostalgia for the Future.

Mulga Bill's Bicycle: A Poem.

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