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August 11, 2006

A Thank You from the LACBC

Received by e-mail yesterday:

It was a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for blogging about your visit to our office. Passion like yours is greatly needed in the cycling community. Keep it up!

Monica Howe
Outreach Manager
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Encouragement like this, coming from a person far more deeply involved, and connected, in the Cycling Community than I will ever be means a lot to me.

From my desk, here at The Maceyugoserbulgarigreekadonian Compound, I do what I can to make this site worth the visit ( And hoped for return visits, and links. ).

Other than my stats, the only way I know for sure of its usefullness to others, is when comments are left to a post, someone links to a post, adds me to their Blogroll, or list of resources, or I get e-mails of various sorts too varied to describe.

Thank You, Monica, for your kind words.

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