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August 12, 2006

New Book Provides A New Angle on High Gas Prices Story

***UPDATE- 8/16***

***A Hearty Welcome to Readers of "HOW TO LIVE WELL...", and All Folks Coming Here From a Wide Range of Online Searches, Including the Name of the Author of the Book. A Good Place to Introduce Yourself to What I have to offer is This Post.***


Car-Free in Santa Ana, CA:

As our freeways become more clogged, many commuters realize the benefits of taking the bus, commuter rail, and subway. In Southern California , often the commute time is equal to, or shorter than by car. I utilize transit agencies in 5 counties to go whereever I want, without the hassles that car drivers deal with. I carry around a book, or newspaper, or headphone radio to pass the time.


The Cycling Dude ( Link to Blog included! )


A long time ago, in e-mails long deleted, I was contacted by a journalist who had discovered my BikeBlog, after I contacted him about a survey he was conducting with my answers to his questions.

It seemed he was doing research for a book on how to survive with less use of a car, or without one entirely.

Apparently he had become car-free, and had begun cycling, and using Mass Transit, in recent years, and this helped give him the ideas that led to this book.

One aspect of the issues under discussion, therefore, was going to involve Bicycling, and he wanted to ask me for my thoughts about various things since I'd obviously been on the road far longer than him.

From discussing this Blog, and its purpose, how long I've been a recreational cyclist, and how, and why I commute, to various commuting related issues ( By Bus, and Bike ), and more, I answered away.

At one point I was even asked to read the cycling section, and comment on it where I felt neccessary.

I don't remember having much to say, other than that I liked it.

I am extremely honored to find myself quoted in this new book.

It means a lot to me that, despite my not being some super knowledgeable cycling related professional, or semi-professional,  of one type or another, from the Advocacy end to Shop Ownership, or as expert as many ordinary Club Cyclists, and active riders, that he felt what I had to say was worth sharing with a much larger audience that a work such as his will bring.

I was not paid a penny for my contribution, and have yet to read the book, but it is on order, and once I've read it I will pontificate, here, about it, and what I liked, or maybe even disliked, about the little darling.

I wrote about this the other day, in relation to the kind words from Monica , of the LACBC, but it bears repeating again, in a slightly different way, in this case as well:

Encouragement like this, means a lot to me.

From my desk, here at The Maceyugoserbulgarigreekadonian Compound, I do what I can to make this site worth the visit ( And hoped for return visits. ).

Other than my stats, the only way I know for sure of its usefullness to others, is when comments are left to a post, someone links to a post, adds me to their Blogroll, or list of resources, or I get e-mails of various sorts.... including ones that led to my inclusion in this new book.

But enough about me!

What follows is the OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE  for this book: How To Live Well Without Owning A Car: Save Money, Breathe Easier, and Get More Mileage Out of Life by Chris Balish.

If the following intrigues you enough that you want to read it, there is a link, in my sidebar, to its page at AMAZON. ( I AM an Amazon Associate, which means I get a small bit of moolah for each book, or other items, you buy after going to Amazon from my links. )

One more thing, and this may suprise even him, but before tonight I had no real idea who Chris Balish was.

It had never even occurred to me to do a Google Search for the guy.

And, to think this man thought I had something worthwhile to contribute to a work of his!

I am truly honored.

PRESS RELEASE: From Ten Speed Press:

The high price of gasoline continues to be one of the biggest news stories of the year. And reporters have covered every angle…except one.

The solution to high gas prices isn’t buying a hybrid vehicle, getting a tune-up, or drilling in the Arctic, the solution is getting rid of your car!

How To Live Well Without Owning A Car: Save Money, Breathe Easier, and Get More Mileage Out of Life is the only sensible guide to living in America without owning a car.

Six-time Emmy Award-winning journalist Chris Balish provides practical strategies for making the leap, including real-world tips and chapters on everything from car sharing and carpooling to car-free socializing and dating.

Can a person actually live in mainstream America without owning a car?


Balish happily lives car-free in Los Angeles, California, and provides more than 100 success stories from people who live car-free from Boise to Chicago, Salt Lake City to St. Petersburg.

Ask yourself this: how would you like to get a $5,000 to $10,000 raise? Or maybe take a year off to travel the world or write a book?

According to AAA, the average American spends $8,410 per year (roughly $700 per month) to own a vehicle.

With this book, readers can slash monthly expenses, pay off credit cards, save for a house—even become a millionaire or retire early!

In addition, automobiles devour natural resources, spew toxic emissions into the air, contribute to sprawl and loss of wilderness, and make America dependent on foreign oil.

There’s no doubt that cars are useful tools, and that’s why this book does not suggest that people never use, rent, borrow, or ride in one.

But millions of Americans can save a fortune and the environment by not owning a car.

With How To Live Well Without Owning A Car, readers can be smiling on the way to the bank, instead of frowning on the way to the gas pump.

From saving money to building a better world, How To Live Well Without Owning A Car shows why kicking car dependency is the soundest and sanest lifestyle change anyone can make.


Chris Balish lives in Southern California and is an award-winning feature writer, reporter, broadcast journalist, and more.

You can learn more about Balish here and his book here (Links updated - June 2013)


If you read the book feel free to return to this post and toss in your own 2 cents.

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