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January 31, 2007

New Bike Trail Plan in Costa Mesa Brings Questions 5

I wrote the 2 Costa Mesa Officials the following heads-up, on the 28th:

Dear Councilperson Foley, and Mr. Naghavi :

I recently read the OC Register story on the possibility of a new Bike Trail in Costa Mesa.

As a BikeBlogger, who lived in Costa Mesa for 2 years, writes about cycling in the city, and the Back Bay as well, not to mention writing about cyclling in the OC in general, I was interested.

I made a couple of trips to explore the route, as described, before writing my own story as a follow-up to the one in the Register.

Did you go wandering around for a look see, as well, before deciding to explore this idea?

The reason I ask is that, after checking things out for myself, I have plenty of questions. ;-D

I applaud your goal, but the article/map, give the impression that the trail would be continuous, when all the evidence I saw clearly shows otherwise.

I just completed a 3 part series, with pictures, and will add more chapters as the story warrants.

New Bike Trail Plan in Costa Mesa Brings Questions.

There is a link leading to the next chapter to make it easy to follow the story.

I, and my readers, would be interested in your thoughts on my report, and any more light you can shed on what is being planned.

Is there something on the City Website that I could check out for more info?

I'd even be willing to come down to your offices, and/or wander around the neighborhood again, for future stories. ;-D

Sincerely yours,

Santa Ana, CA.

I received responses from both.

On the 29th, Mrs. Foley replied:

Dear Mr. Kundurazieff:

Thank you for your questions and comments.  I read your blog and I was a
little surprised that you would not have waited until the study session
where the trails plan is presented before commenting in such detail. 

As you, I would love for us to have pristine, perfectly connected trails
throughout the city.  At this point in time, because we are predominantly
built out, I am trying to work with staff to make the best with what we

I guess the way that I see it is that even if a trail stops on the
channel and must cross the street and travel a bit down Bristol to pick up
the channel again, that is better than no trail at all.  I hope you agree.

I appreciate your comments and encourage you to attend the study session so
that as we do better define the trail, we will take into consideration the
needs of bicyclists.

Thanks for being involved.
Katrina Foley

I replied as follows:

To Paragraph 1:

Dear Mrs. Foley:

Thank you for your reply!

You should not be surprised that I would do a report.

Since y'all went public with this idea I felt it was important to check the route out, and write about what I saw, as part of my story on the OC Register report. ;-D

To Paragraph 2:

Working with what you have is what I figured you would be doing, and showing the public what is there, as opposed to what the OC Register article implies ( The reporter admitted visiting the area,  and said, in retroispect, he could have been more clear than he was. ) is what I hope is just a start to my covereage.

To Paragraph 3:

I agree wholeheartedly, that a break in the trail is better than no trail at all!

You can either have a striped lane from Bear to the channel, or cross the street  for a short extention behind those busineses along the same stretch to the underpass at Newport, I suppose.

It's the other connections I'm curious about as well, from there to the Bay, to see what you plan.

As you can tell from the route I created for a tour of the City, I am a supporter of efforts by city goverment to provide cycling opportunities for their residents.

My Blogging about your current effort is just a "New Media" version of the old standby where citizens appear at meetings to speak, or pontificate in letters, to their reps, or the local paper.

Citizen interest in the activities of government is important, and is often sorely lacking.

I am determined to do my best, on both my blogs to show an interest in my city ( Santa Ana ) , and the OC in general.

While I may not be able to attend meetings, since I often work 6 days a week, there are other ways I can learn to use to keep abreast of things.

When I creatred the Tour of Costa Mesa I had this notion of doing one for each city in the county, but life had gottten in the way of my doing that, short of a ride along a bike trail in Santa Ana.

This year, I plan to begin to rectify that by rejuvenating the project by 1st doing a tour of the city I hope to live in a long, long, time, Santa Ana.

To Paragraph 4:

When, and where, is the Study Session, and if I am unable to attend how can I learn about what was discussed.

I wish to do what I can to help gain support for your porposal.

Sincerely yours,

Santa Ana, CA.

Very cool! ;-D

Yesterday Mr. Naghavi responded, while CC'ing a few other city official with an interest in this project:

Dear Mr. Kundurazieff:

Thank you for your interest in Costa Mesa, and cycling in general.
What you may have read in OC Register is basically a very very
preliminary step towards consideration of a trail.

Costa Mesa Transportation consistently looks for possible ways to
improve our bike lane/trail system. As such, we may look at every avenue

The trail you mention, while not quite continuous could potentially
provided needed links between Santa Ana River, and the Back Bay.

At this point, it is only "an idea", and accordingly lots of questions
remain. Once a direction has been provided, then staff will expend the
necessary time and effort to thoroughly explore all related issues.

We welcome ideas, and suggestions where practical, and will be happy to
talk to you whenever you would like to visit our offices.

Peter Naghavi
Transportation Manager
City of Costa Mesa

I replied:

Dear Mr. Naghavi ( And everyone else, hee, hee! ):

Thanks for replying!

I think that you are doing the right thing by exploring all aspects of your idea before proceeding, and  hope I am not the only user of the city trail system to contact you, or appear at meetings to opine.

As you can tell from this link ( NOTE FROM SNEAK TO READER: Included link to this post! ), and may have already heard from Mrs. Foley, I responded, in more depth, to her e-mail to me.

I would love to attend the Study Session she mentioned if I knew when, and where, and am able.

Alternatively if there is info posted online afterward, or is currently info online, I'd be interested in the links.

I'd love to come in for a visit, and will see what my work schedule is, and get back to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Kiril Kundurazieff
Santa Ana, Ca.

Very cool! ;-D

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