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March 03, 2007

Acura Bike Tour: As Seen on TV


When I realized the cameras were rolling, to celebrate the opening of The Quality of Life Expo I knew I had to get home in time for the 11pm News.

Sure enough I appear in the report, and it was very cool to see! ;-D

While it looks like I'm trying to make sure Mrs. "See! See! I Brushed My Teeth This Morning!" doesn't step all over my toes in her, um. excitement, that is actually not the case.


I'm actually getting my camera out to take, what I hoped would be a shot of the Mainstream Media at work.

That Photo turned out to be the one shown in Part 2 of this report. ;-D

For late comers to this series Part 1 can be found here ( With a link to Part 2. )

I awoke early this morning to try for a shot of me walking into the Expo, but from the time I looked up, and started walking, to the point where I can be seen in a clear, unobstructed, view, and then almost immediatedly went out of view, happened too fast for me to catch.

It would have made such a GREAT shot, too!! ;-D

HISTORICAL NOTE: The 1st time I appeared on  TV was in 1960.

My Mother, and Father, went to the world famous All-States Picnic, and 4th of July Parade, in Ontario, Ca. ( 1939-1981, revived in 1991! )

I was only 4 months old, and Mom had me held in such a way that my cute little face can be seen looking over her shoulder as she walks along, going who knows where. ;-D

They learned that evening that we had been seen on TV, and eventually saw the shot themselves, and it was always a great source of pride for her, and my Dad. ;-D

Read Part 4: Bib, Goody Bag, Freebies, Carbs. 

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Posted by: Tony | Jun 2, 2007 7:26:54 PM

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