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March 12, 2007

Acura Bike Tour: The Medal, The Surprise, and The Networking

NOTE: For latecomers to this series Part 1 can be found here ( And includes the chapters about my day at the Quality of Life Expo. )

NOTE 2: For latecomers interested in my coverage of the 2007 Acura L.A. Bike Tour only, begin here.


There it is!

The pretty litle bauble that is your reward for riding the full 21.6 miles, mastering hills, tiredness, and the pain in your legs on a sunny Sunday morning in Los Angeles. ;-D


Many thanks are owed to the members of the Redondo Union High School Marine Corps Jr. ROTC, of Redondo Beach, CA., for the Civil Service they provided in helping to pass out the medals to bicyclists who completed the ride.

Your friendliness, good humor, dedication, and patriotism, are greatly appreciated, and bode well for the future of our great nation.

Bike_t20_1  Similar thanks are also owed to the members of the University of Southern California Naval ROTC for their help in this task as well.

I especially got a chuckle from this guy who demonstrated the genius that his high priced college edumication has instilled in him by devising a brilliant way to pass out medals in a quick, and efficient, manor that led to the line moving faster. ;-D

Bike_t21_1This picture allows me to give you a closer look at the, um, adjustments I had made to the posters I snagged at the Expo ( Crossing out the word RUN, in exchange for BICYCLE, and writing in my blog name, and URL. )

Thanks are also due the volunteers who manned several stations where people could safely leave their bikes while going potty, checking out the various booths, nearby, and and generally realxing, and chatting with friends, family, and other cyclists.

For the next few hours people hung out, eating, chatting, relaxing, buying the odd T-shirt, and other items, and enjoying the day.

I kept my bike close to me, as I circled the area, not intending to stick around too long, as I had other places I wanted to go.

Bike_t29_1 The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition had a booth, and I snatched up a copy of the brand new edition of its Bicycle Resource Guide.

When I visited their office, a few months ago, and they added me to their resource page on the website, the new guide was not yet ready.

As described on their website:

"Our new handbook on everything you need to know about biking in L.A. – includes shop listings and government contacts by city, advocacy groups and cycling clubs, tips and tricks for maintaining your bike and getting around the city, and a guide to bike laws and advocacy. Forty-six pages of essential information."

Later in the day, when I had time to look thru the booklet, I discovered, to my surprise, and great pleasure, something quite delightful.


Yes, that is The Cycling Dude listed as a Local Community Resource! ;-D

Very cool! ;-D


This picture gives you sense of the number of people hanging out in the aftermath of the ride.

See the guy, relaxing on the wall, with his legs crossed? ;-D

I stopped by the REI booth, and mentioned that I was a member who got his card at the Huntington Beach Store, and I found myself in conversation with Lyndie Bradshaw, who works out of that store and, it turns out, is the new Outreach Specialist for the area.

When I mentioned my Blog, and my intention to see about leaving a flier at the store, I learned what her job was, and she asked me to tell her about the Blog, and e-mail her my flier.

Seems that while it can't be set out near the Bulletin Board in the front of the store, there was some other prominent place it could be displayed, if she decides its appropriate. ;-D

Since she was also looking to learn more about the bicycling opportunities in the OC, I told her about the related stories, and resources, I offer.

Very cool! ;-D

In appreciation of her at lesast chatting with me, and as a show of suppott from a member, I created a free BlogAd, in the sidebar.

I finally left, and headed out on my bike for the ride north to one of my favorite restuarants for lunch.

Turns out things would be quite, um, entertaining there, and later, when I took a jaunt up to Hollywood Blvd. before finally heading home.

Next up -- Dining, Diplomacy, and Dissent: An OC Bicyclist gets up close with the natives in their natural environment.

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