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March 06, 2007

Acura Bike Tour: Double Video Intermission

NOTE: For latecomers to this series Part 1 can be found here ( And leads to succeeding parts. )

Ladies, and Gentlemen, Boys, and Girls, Infidels, and True Believers!

As I spend the afternoon, and evening, laboring to bring you the next chapters in my adventures covering the Quality of Life Expo, and L.A. Acura Bike Tour, it is with great pleasure that I bring you 2 of the most splendid Bicycling Videos you will ever have the joy of viewing.

Bicycle Trick Riding is not a phenomena of the Youth Culture of our Modern World, as most people would assume.

Its origins go back, deep, into the glorious history of Cycling.

In 1899 Thomas Alva Edison Revolutionized Bicycling with a performace for the ages!

Over 100 years later another performance for the ages will... well, just watch the whole amazing thing, and be blown away!

Read Part 6 here!

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