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March 11, 2007

Acura Bike Tour: Bicyclist's, Start Your Pedaling!

NOTE: For latecomers to this series Part 1 can be found here ( And includes the chapters about my day at the Quality of Life Expo. )

NOTE 2: For latecomers interested in my coverage of the 2007 Acura L.A. Bike Tour only, begin here.

Bike_t07 As the sun began to rise we all headed out on Menlo.

Even this early there were many people on the sidewalk, just to watch the spectacle, or setting up water tables, and other booths.

A nice, young, Hispanic lady was kind enough to take this shot for me.

Before I go on let me tell you about the little sign on the panier of my bike. ;-D

At the Expo they were giving out these placards with happy faces, and the word RUN, with a line to write the name of the person you were cheering on.

Genius that I am I saw an opportunity, for promotion staring me in the face, and grabbed 2 of the signs.

I Blocked out RUN, and wrote BICYCLE above it, and wrote my Blog name, and URL, for all to see. ;-D

Heading out Martin Luther King Blvd. we travel on Jefferson, as well as Adams Blvds.


At one point I had my 1st encounter with a group of patriotic bicylists. They called themselves "Americans" when asked where they were from but , when pressed, admitted to be friends from all over the region. ;-D

Seems they have shown their patriotism this way for several years in a row. ;-D

If I hadn't noticed it by now, there were people out here who decked out themselves, and/or their trusty steed, for the occasion. ;-D

Funny hats, and funny t-shirts, joined the flag wavers, and me with my signs, to add and amusing mix of Color, silliness, and seriousness, to the proceedings.

Bike_t10 Heading onto 11th street, up San Pedro St., to Olympic Blvd., we get a close look at portions of the famous Fashion District ( AKA: Garment District ).

As the website brags: "The LA Fashion District spans 90 blocks and is the hub of the apparel industry on the West Coast. Retailers, wholesale buyers, designers, stylists, students, shoppers and residents all converge here. Whether you're a wholesale buyer reviewing the latest collections in the District's designer showrooms, or a shopper on the prowl for a bargain - it's all here."


The 1st hill, and 1st bridge, confront us as we head east on Olympic.

The Olympic Blvd. Bridge takes us out of Downtown and into the western edge of East Los Angeles, in the area along Boyle St.


The 6th Street Bridge is justly famous as the longest bridge over the Los Angeles River, and for the spectacular view, from east to west, as THIS VERY RECENT PHOTO, does such a gorgeous job of showing.

Can you say 'WOW!"? I knew you could! ;-D

That mile banner is for the Marathon, not the cyclists!

At this point we are just about reaching the halfway point of the ride. ;-D

Next up: We head into a seedier side of Downtown that, in recent years is showing signs of revival, and check out the center of Downtown, before heading westward.

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