September 25, 2007

Good-bye! A Short, Silly, Cycling Poem

Motorists see red,

Cussing a blue.

As I pedal ahead.



Sooo.... what sort of scene does this poem bring to your mind?

What sentiments are implied, in your mind, by these words?

No-one is right, or wrong, so give it some thought. ;-D

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March 21, 2007

The Bicyclist's Song

You know.... I never wanted to drive a car in the first place!

I...  I wanted to be...


Riding mile after mile!  As motorists are stuck in rush hour traffic!
Alone, or with my club mates by my side!
The Commute!
The Bike Lane!
The Class 1 Trail!
The breeze in our face!
We'd Ride!  Ride!  Ride!

Oh, I'm a Bicyclist, and I'm okay.
I get in the saddle, and I pedal all day.

A diverse group of Cyclists:

He's a Bicyclist, and he's okay.
He gets in the saddle, and he pedals all day.

I wear a helmet. My bike has lights.
My head is safe, and I can see.
On some trips I am stoppin'
At places with a lava-try.


He wears a helmet. His bike has lights.
His head is safe, and he can see.
On some trips he is stopping,
At places with a lava-try.


I'm (He's) a Bicyclist, and I'm (he's) okay.
I (He) get(s) in the saddle and I (he) pedal(s) all day.

My bike has an odometer. I track every mile.
I like to ride for hours.
I even wear colorful shirts with back pockets
In which to stuff energy bars.


His bike has an odometer. He tracks every mile.
He likes to ride for hours.
He puts on colorful shirts with back pockets
In which to stuff energy bars!?


I 'm (He's) a Bicyclist, and I'm (he's) okay.
I (He) get(s) in the saddle and I (he) pedal(s) all day.

I bought a bike, expensive. I wear shoes with cleats,
and work out at the gym, and spa.
I want to be like Lancie,
And win the Tour de France, ha, ha!


He bought a bike expensive. He wears shoes with cleats,
And works out at the gym, and spa!?
(spoken, raggedly)  What's this?  Wants to be like *Lancie*??
Wants to win the Tour de France??? Oh, My!


I 'm (He's) a Bicyclist, and I'm (he's) okay.
I (He) get(s) in the saddle and I (he) pedal(s) all day.

Yes, I 'm (He's) a Bicyclist, and I'm (he's) ok-a-y.
I (He) get(s) in the saddle and I (he) pedal(s) all daaayyyyy!!!


With humble apologies to the masters of the Monty Python Troop, and the performers of The Lumberjack Song! ;-D

At just over 7 minutes you get the Barber Shop set up, the song, and the afterwards.

Michael Palin was brilliant!

What more could you ask for? Life is good! ;-D

I love The Lumberjack Song, and that's ok,

It makes me smile, and laugh, all the live long daaaayyyy!!!! ;-D

Lyrics, so you can sing it yerself! ;-D

***END NOTE***

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August 23, 2006

You Adore Your Bicycle, Admit It!



The Man and the Bicycle went on a test ride

On a  beautiful cool clear day:

He took water and Trail Mix for his hungry hide

Enough to last the whole long way.

The Man looked up to the sky above,

And said to his lovely steed,

"Oh, lovely Bike, oh, Bike, my love,

You are a beautiful Bike, indeed!

You are,

You are!

What a beautiful Bike you are!" -

The Man said to the Bike, "You elegant transport,

How smooth, and sweet you ride!

Oh, let me buy you; too long I've been doing driving of another sort:

But how shall we get you to where I abide?"

They took the trip on 3 buses, and made it ok,

To the land where the Bike Trails are plenty;

And there along the river he told her they would ride it all the way,

With head and rear lights, and a U-Lock to keep her safe,

Her safe,

Her safe,

And a U-Lock to keep her safe. -

"Dear Bike, are you ready to go fast without spilling

Me?" Said the Man,  and he sensed that she was.

So they rode away, and arrived at the end of a journey most thrilling

In the city for whose residents bicycling was a Cause.

He dined on a sandwhich and a bowl of yogurt,

Which he ate with a plastic spoon;

And then, on the Trail at the edge of the sand,

They rode by the light of the moon,

The moon,

The moon,

They rode by the light of the moon. - -


With humble thanks, for the inspiration, to the incomparable Edward Lear, who wrote The Owl and The Pussy-Cat, in 1871. ;-D

You ride your Bicycle day and night.

You ride your Bicycle near, and far.

You ride your Bicycle whenever the mood strikes you, regardless of the weather.

You clean your Bicycle, and check for problems Morning, Noon, and Night ( Well, at least once a day, or week, anyway. ).

You talk to your Bicycle, maybe even read it bedtime stories.

You buy things for your Bicycle, for Bicycling, and to look good Bicycling, at the drop of a hat.

You give your Bicycle a name, and regard it as a Him, or Her.

You brag about, and show off, your Bicycle to anyone and everyone.

You then smile with pride, and contentment, when folks compliment you on your Bicycle.

Some of you even have more than one Bicycle.

You ADORE your Bicycle, ADMIT IT!! ;-D

***UPDATE - 8/26***

Megan Ann, of Ausin, TX., has some great sentiments about bicycling:

Riding a bike can be one of the simplist things a man, woman or child could do. humans have been on two wheels for a long time. when you ride your bike, u use your own power and strength and determination to reach your destination. along the way, you are given a chance to go at a different pace than the rest of the world. you can take your time and notice people, the wind, the sounds of the city, the quiet along a trail and smell fragrences of each season. or you can speed through town at a good clip feeling more alive and aware with all of your senses on high. you sweat. you get dirty. in and out of traffic, off to a more quiet street, through a neighborhood, up the hill and down the other side, back into flow. this, and more is riding a bike.

I hope that more people can experience the simple act of riding a bike under their own power. running an errand, a trip to the grocery store, a commute to and from work, a slow ride with your dog, pumping your best friend to the pool, biking with your kid to school, riding from your house and escaping to the trails and woods.


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April 16, 2006

The Cycling Dude Rides!


The Cycling Dude! "Hi Yo Cleopatra!"

A Silver Steed, with the wheels, and gears, of a Racing Bike, and the body, and soul, of a Mountain Bike, a burst of speed, and a hearty "Hi Yo Cleopatra, away!"

With his Blog ready to spread the word the daring, and opinionated, bicycle rider of Orange County, California, leads the fight to spread the word about the joys of Recreational Bicycling, and Commuting, across America, and around the world.

Return to this Thrilling Blog, its numerous resource links, and its archives of the past 3 years, as often as you choose.

The Cycling Dude Rides!

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November 13, 2005

The Key

I have a key that I miss;
One held most dear.
Where it was lost who knows,
so I'll have a glass of beer.

I have a key that I miss;
And when I walk down the street
I ask my friends if they know
and they shake heads, and shuffle feet.

Oh, no, where did it go
what happened my mind can't see;
Little lock opener I'm looking for you;
I miss you, golly gee.

I have lost a key that I like,
but I'll find it have no fear,
Oh yes, I'll unlock my bike
this year.

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May 10, 2004

Bicycle Poetry

Consider the HAIKU:

3 lines consisting of 5, 7, and 5 syllables each.

What does this have to do with Bicycling, you ask?

Quite a lot, actually. :-)

I am Bicycle.
You ride me all over town.
Must stop, please. Tiring.

Over hill, and dale,
Getting so lost without fail.
I need a damn map!

Then there is the TANKA:

A Haiku with 2 more lines of 7 syllables each.

Pedaling on streets
full with traffic, and drivers,
not always seeing
you on their right, on your steed.
Make no sudden move, or die.

One, bike, two, bikes, three
bikes, more! Six bikes, seven bikes,
my garage can not
hold more! What a huge amount!
Time for an Ebay account!

A writer can find poetry in absolutely anything if he, or she, puts their mind to it. :-)

When it comes to these 2 forms one learns to trust Webster's whenever in doubt. :-)

What got my creative writing juices flowing tonite was the Bicycle Haiku page of the blog Bicycle Eye.

This page has 30 creative contributions solicited by the blogger of his readers, and they make for some very entertaining reading.

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January 06, 2003

Love on 2 Wheels

THE ZORRO OF LOVE: A Peddler (pardon the pun!) of Romance.

This is a story of the shape-shifting cousin to that prankster Cupid, but no mere shooter of arrows up peoples rear ends, while hiding behind bushes, is this being...

It is a lovely spring evening along the San Gabriel River Bike Trail, and heading south is a handsome devil of a soon to be 43 year old bachelor, riding his bike and admiring the view, when suddenly from out of the bushes leaps what appears to be Mae West in a smashing black dress, cape, and mask outfit!

The figure dashes up to the man and slashing an L across his heart with her sword whispers seductively, "Why don't you ask her out, big boy?" and points down the trail.

Dazed, and bemused, the man gazes down the trail, then turns around, but the figure is gone...

Meanwhile, heading north along the trail is a beautiful young woman. She could be 25, or 39, it's not important.

She is pedaling absent-mindedly along when, suddenly, Rudolph Valentino, looking dashingly romantic in black with a cape and mask, leaps into her path and slashes an L across her heart with his sword.

he silently smiles and winks then, pointing down the trail with his sword, disappears from whence he came...

And, so the 2 riders continue on their seperate ways, approaching, from opposite ends, a dark tunnel beneath a nearby highway...

A couple of seconds after disappearing into the tunnel there is a crash, and the sound of startled voices are heard, then silence...

20 minutes passes...

Zorro, standing on the highway above and looking over at the Bike trail, is pleased to see a couple of disheveled bike riders, 1 male, 1 female, emerge from the tunnel below.

They are walking their bikes and holding hands, and smiling at each other, as they head off into the sunset...

Zorro smiles...

He just loves happy endings, or, is that, promising new beginnings... :-)

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